Creepy Krampus

Now, in Austria, they have a rather scary Christmas character! It’s Krampus! He works with St Nicholas, rattling his chains, and carrying a stick to hit naughty children! Rarrrr!

Ratvaark is dressed as krampas with horns, chains and a big stick

Aha, Micro and Nano, have you been good, or do I need to give you a swat?!

Krampas looks at Micro and Nano. Nano is hiding behind Micro

Oh. Oh hello Matilda, what do you want?

Matilda has come to protect Micro and Nano

Ah. Matilda thinks Krampus’ chains make a very trendy necklace. That’s the end of being menacing then!

Matilda is wearing Krampas’ golden chain as a necklace

What can we see today then? Ah, a little sledge!

Ratvaark looks at a picture of a sledge on the calendar.

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