We’re off to the Christmas Market!

Well, hello everyone! Today is a special day, we’ve all come out to the Vaark Christmas Market! Look, we’ve got all our favourite stalls!

Ratvaark is wearing a Santa outfit, and speaking to us in front of a market sceneWe see the vaark Christmas market, with a tree, stalls and fairy lights.

Oh, there’s a queue forming at Santa’s Grotto, but Arnold’s keeping everything in order. I better go and take my place before everyone gets too restive!

A queue of vaarks line up outside a grotto labelled North Pole, where Arnold guards the door

Ratvaark takes his place at the entrance to the grotto

The Donut stall is popular as ever, thanks to some new recipes we got from @52_square. Don’t they look tasty!

Bernard, Fury and Dim look at plates of doughnuts on the stall including some fancy decorated ones

Ernest always comes to the market to get his wrapping paper from the Decorations stall, he says it’s the best selection.

Ernest looks at a tub with rolls of fancy wrapping paper in it

Vincent fancies some paper chains this year, and he’s asking Ernest to help him get them out. Well, that IS a long one! Better put it in Ernest’s trolley to keep it safe.

Vincent has a loop of paper chain over his nose

Vincent and Ernest hold up a long length of paper chain

Ernest has his tartan shopping trolley filled with the paper chain

Matilda is very taken by Winston’s golden bells, and decides to buy one. Winston says it’s Guaranteed, and if there are any problems, just give him a ring! Ha ha!

Matilda looks at some golden bells hanging on Winston’s Christmas Tat stall

Winston talks to Matilda, who has a golden bell in her bag.

Esther always likes to visit Peggy’s Gluhwein stall. This year, Peggy has got bottles of mulled wine and spiced fruit juice to take away. So Esther takes one of each, for later.

Esther talks to Peggy who has a stall with a big jug of gluhwein

Esther looks at some little wine bottles on the stall

Esther has a couple of bottles tucked into her knitted shell

Of course, the Festive Snacks stall is always VERY popular. Hypno has brought a big bag specially to stock up. Just fill the bag please, he asks Ofelia. It’s quite heavy!

Hypno, wearing a rucksack, looks at a stall with nuts, Smarties and gold and silver chocolate coins.

Hypno holds the bag open, and it’s full of chocolate coins and smarties

Now, Gino is very excited. He tells Arnold that his Uncle Giuseppe is coming to visit from Italy, and has booked a pitch at the market.

Gino talks to Arnold

Oh, says Arnold, is that him arriving now? Yes, yes it is! Buongiorno, Uncle Giuseppe! We’re all gathering round to say hello to our visitor.

Arnold and Gino look off to one side

Gino greets another wooden doll, who carries a tray of alarm clocks and cuckoo clocks.

All the vaarks gather round the new doll.

I’m not sure Winston is very happy. He’s had a look at Uncle Giuseppe’s stock, and it’s a bit like his own.

Winston looks at the camera

Winston looks at the cuckoo clocks hanging from Giuseppe’s tray

Winston looks at his own suitcase of watches

Oh dear. Winston is putting in a complaint! He says Uncle Giuseppe is muscling in on his business!

Winston confronts Giuseppe

But Microvaark has an idea. Why doesn’t Winston contract his clock business to Giuseppe, and they can share the profits. Like a franchise? It would give Winston more room for other stock.

Microvaark talks to Winston

Well, that does seem like a good idea. Giuseppe can take up his place, and Winston can put some new stock out. Thank goodness!

Giuseppe is selling his clocks, with Winston’s suitcase open at his feet

Winston places a toy yacht and some little china statues on his stall

Ah, good, Matilda has got her roast chestnut stall fired up! We all like a hot snack.

Matilda pushes a metal trolley, with Roast Chestnuts written on the side, and the vaarks queue up

Oh, I can hear something! Yes, it’s the brass band come to play carols and the like. Such a lovely warm sound, a brass band.

A scene of the whole market, with Ernest, Winston and Bernard in the middle in uniforms, playing instruments

Ernest plays a trombone, Winston plays a trumpet and Bernard plays a French horn

Nano has joined them, while they play “The Little Drummer Boy”. Oh dear! Watch out Nano! Winston, maybe you should point your trumpet the other way, you blew Nano off his drum!

Nano, wearing a tiny red jumper with a star on it, sitting on a red and gold drum, with Winston behind him.

Nano has been blown off the drum by Winston’s trumpet.

Nano is back on the drum, with Winston facing away this time

And now Microvaark is going to sing for us. He’s got a beautiful clear voice.

Microvaark is wearing a red chorister’s coat and white ruff.

A close up of micro

Hello Ofelia. What’s that? You’ve got an extra treat for us? Oh my! What a big mince pie!

Ofelia talks to the vaarks

The vaarks cluster round a mince pie placed on a china plate on a stand

Nano says he especially likes it, as it’s got a star in the middle, just like his jumper!

Nano sits on the pie, which has an embossed pattern with a star in the middle

Well, I think we better tuck into this pie while it’s warm! If you have a day at the market, I hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t, you are welcome to enjoy ours!

Ratvaark talks to us as the vaarks crowd round the pie.

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