In a pickle!

Germany today and a funny tradition to do with Christmas tree decorations. The idea is that a decoration shaped like a pickled gherkin is hidden on the tree, and then everyone tries to find it!

Ratvaark looks at the Christmas tree which has garlands and baubles on it, and a pickle hidden among them,

There’s a prize for finding the pickle, so Winston and Vincent are very keen, but the telescope isn’t helping.

Winston is looking at the tree through a telescope balanced on Vincent’s head

Gino is going in close with his magnifying glass, but he can’t find it either.

Gino is inspecting the tree with a magnifying glass.

Nano and Dim have teamed up, to take advantage of Nano’s sharp eyes… and yes, there it is! And what a great prize, a big golden coin!

Nano sits on Dim’s head and spots the pickle decoration on the tree

Nano and Dim hold a big golden chocolate coin

Never mind Winston, you have a look for today’s picture. Ah, a little toy truck, lovely!

Winston looks at a picture of a toy truck on the calender

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