Italy’s Old Lady

Gino is telling us about a Christmas story from Italy. They tell of an old woman called Befana, who flies on a broomstick. Some say she is looking for the baby Jesus, but she stops at every house where children hang out stockings.

Ratvaark, Vincent, Micro and Nano sit listening to Gino telling them a story.

Oh! Here she is! Now. I wonder if she thinks we’ve been good this year, or naughty. If we’re good, we get presents, if we’re naughty we get a piece of coal, or a stick.

Gino and the vaarks look at Peggy, who is dressed in a rough cape, and carrying a broomstick

Phew! I think we’ve been good. Thank you Befana!

A pile of brightly wrapped presents have appeared.

So, what’s the picture today. Ah, it’s the Man in the Moon!

Ratvaark looks at a picture of a moon face wearing a nightcap.

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