Get your skates on.

Hello you two, where are you off to? Caracas in Venezuela? Um… Why?

Ratvaark talks to Fury and Winston who are sitting on skateboards

Oh! Apparently, in Caracas, a funny tradition has developed, where people roller skate to Church for Christmas services! The city even closes roads for them. What will they think of next!

Fury and Winston explain, with their skateboards flipped up.

What’s that squeaky noise? Oh, it’s Nano. He says he hasn’t got a roller skate, but can he come along on his tricycle? Well, of course!

The vaarks are joined by Nano on a tiny yellow tricycle.

Before you go Nano, have a look for today’s picture. Oh look, not a skate, but a sledge!

Nano looks at a picture of a sled on the advent calendar

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