A Welcome in Wales

Today, we’re staying quite close to home, with a tradition from Wales. It’s the Mari Lwyd! This strange looking thing is a horse skull, carried on a pole by someone hidden under a sheet.

Ratvaark talks us

Ratvaark is in the parlour, with Matilda, Fury and Winston who have brought the Mari Lwyd, a horse skull on top of a sheet worn by hypnovaark

The idea is that the people carrying the Mari Lwyd call at all the houses and each time they sing songs asking to come in. And the householders sing songs saying why they can’t come in, like a competition.

Ratvaark is talking to the Mari Lwyd

In the end, of course, the Mari Lwyd and everyone with it does come in, and we all have a festive drink!

Everyone is gathered around a table set out with bottles of drinks

While you’re here Fury, what’s on the calender? Oh, a sort of Christmas elf!

Fury looks at a picture of an elf on the calendar

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