Poop Log!

So, it is Christmas Eve at last! We have saved the oddest tradition for last. Come to Spain, where they have the Tio de Nadal, or Christmas log.

Ratvaark talks to us in front of a scene in the parlour. Vincent and Micro are looking at a log in the fireplace.

From early December, the children of the house are encouraged to look after the log and give it little titbits to eat, in the hope that it will poop presents at Christmas!

Vincent and Micro look at the log, which has a smiling face painted on the end.

On Christmas Day, or Christmas Eve, the family hit the log with sticks, and sing a song, ordering it to poop! We think hitting it seems a bit cruel, so we’re doing it gently…

Vincent and Micro hit the log with little sticks.

Then, a blanket is placed over the log, and we must all go out of the room to pray for gifts… Some say this is when the parents make the magic happen.

Vincent places a crochet blanket over the log in the fireplace.

Look! Look! It’s worked. The log has pooped loads of chocolate coins! Who would have believed it!?

Vincent and Micro look at the log, which is now surrounded by gold chocolate coins.

So, it’s time for the last, big window. And of course, it’s a big jolly Father Christmas with a sack of presents!

Ratvaark looks at the final picture in the Calendar, a big Santa Claus.

And so, it’s time for us to take a break and enjoy our Christmas. A very Merry Christmas to you all, and may you have plenty to eat, and lots of fun, and, most important of all, many friends!

The vaarks are all gathered behind a sign reading We Wish You a Merry Christmas.

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