The egg search is on!

A close up of Nano, sitting on top of an egg wrapped in yellow foil with green spots.

Hello friends! Our humans are still very busy, but we persuaded them to let us have an Easter Egg Hunt, so let’s see what we find! Ofelia has sniffed out an egg in the spice rack.

Ofelia looks at a small foil wrapped egg nestled between jars on a spice rack

Nano went hunting in the Roman building model that the humans have been working on, and found an egg in the colonnade.

Nano looks at a 100th scale model of a Roman building, and sees an egg tucked in behind a row of columns.

Arnold was doing his routine fire extinguisher check, when he found his egg. And the fire extinguisher is fine, so that’s good.

Arnold looks at an egg balanced on the pin of a fire extinguisher mounted on the wall

Bernard went out the garden and found one, just in thyme!

Bernard looks at an egg nestled in a clump of golden thyme in the herb garden

Fury, of course, was in the workshop, and was lucky to find one on a chair in for repair. No need for power tools to get that out!

Fury, wearing a t-shirt that says “Girls with drills”, looks at an egg sitting in a hole in a chair based, where a leg has been removed. A cordless drill is beside the chair.

Hypno also went gardening, but in the Alpines window box, where he found an egg pretending to be a flower on a saxifrage. How pretty!

Hypno sits in a window box with rocks and gravel and alpine plants, and looks at a pink foil egg among the pink flowers of a little plant.

Esther looked hard in the pantry, and eventually spotted an egg, hiding in with the cereal.

Esther looks into a clear tub of cereal with an egg sitting on top of the contents

Vincent went fishing for his egg, behind the ornament on top of the microwave!

Vincent has a fishing rod, and stands in front of an ornament with a shoal of silvery fish. The egg is just visible behind the fish.

Dim decided to go and ask the Old Toys for help, and sure enough, Lucy Rabbit had an egg in her apron pocket.

Dim looks at a row of old teddies and a stuffed rabbit. The rabbit wears a dress and apron, and has an egg in the apron pocket.

Peggy spotted an Easter egg in the Christmas cactus in the bathroom.

Peggy is looking at an egg nestled among the leaves of a Christmas cactus.

Winston went to the Kitchen Drawer Full of Useful Things, and sure enough, he found an egg there.

Winston peers down from the worktop into a drawer full of plasters, batteries, an oven glove and measuring spoons. An egg sits in a measuring cup.

Being Italian, Gino was delighted to find his egg in the pasta cupboard. It even matches his jacket!

Gino looks at an egg sitting on a packet of pasta. The foil is pink with yellow spots, matching Gino’s red top with yellow dots for buttons.

Microvaark remembered that bookcases are good places to look, and he was rewarded with an egg, and a lot of information!

Microvaark is on a bookshelf, where an egg sits among reference books on sheet metal work and various types of vehicle.

Ernest thought he’d found a huge egg, but then he realised he was seeing it through the desk top magnifier in the Miniatures workshop.

Ernest sits on a large magnifier lens mounted above a desk, looking down through the lens at an egg.

Matilda rooted about in the fridge door, and found her egg, nicely chilled.

Matilda looks in the fridge, and finds an egg next to a bottle of Root Beer.

So, everyone has gathered back in the kitchen to show off their eggs. But hang on….

All the vaarks are on the kitchen worktop, with a pile of colourful eggs. Ratvaark is to one side, looking at them.

I haven’t found an egg! I’ve looked and looked, but no luck!

Ratvaark looks downhearted, talking to Nano.

Suddenly, Nano shouted “DUCK!”

A close up of Nano in front of the pile of eggs.

So we ducked!

All the vaarks are lying on the worktop, having ducked in a hurry

Oh! Oh, I see. He meant “There’s a duck!” Hello!

The vaarks look at a soft toy duck, who is wearing a hat that looks like a fried egg, with a blue bow.

And look! He’s brought me an egg! How kind. Thank you!

The duck presents Ratvaark with a foiled wrapped egg.

So we’re all very happy! We’ve got lots of chocolate to share, and we’ve had fun, and made a new friend!

All the vaarks, and the duck, pose with their eggs.

Nano says, Happy Easter everyone!

A close up of Nano, sitting on top of an egg wrapped in yellow foil with green spots.

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