Arriving on site!

Everyone else is buy putting up their tents and unrolling sleeping bags.

We’re here! The bus was a bit crowded, what with all our luggage and stuff, but never mind!

All the vaarks have arrived at the festival field on a pink toy bus

Aw look. Dim and Matilda booked the Neapolitan Glamping Pod again, and Winston’s decorated it with honeymoon bunting, what a nice touch.

Dim and Matilda look at some bunting with hearts on hung on their glamping pod

Ernest is in the Ceylon this year – Bernard said the smell of tea gave him hay fever, but Ernest doesn’t mind it at all.

Winston shows Ernest, with his tartan shopping trolley, to the teapot pod.

Micro is back in the Freisian pod, he really likes the hammock. He’s brought his bike for getting around on site.

Micro stands at the door of the Milk bottle pod, with his bicycle leaning against the side.

There’s a new pod this year, just for Nano! He’s very proudly showing Micro that it’s got his name on it, in flags! It’ll help him find it in the long grass.

Nano’s pod has a pole with four flags, which are the shipping flags for N A N O

Talking of the long grass, Nano is a bit worried about getting around. To him, it’s like a jungle! But Micro has a great solution – he’s arranged an SVTS: a Small Vaark Transit Shuttle!

Micro drives Nano in a little buggy

Everyone else is busy setting up their tents and so on. Ofelia will sleep in her catering stand as usual, snuggled in her blanket cloak.

Everyone else is buy putting up their tents and unrolling sleeping bags.

Micro and Nano are straight off to explore the site. The Shuttle Bus is perfect, not only can Nano get around safely, he can get on the roof to reach the ice cream van window!

The buggy has been driven over to the ice cream van, and Nano stands on the roof to order a cone.

Ah, here’s Ofelia’s new menu. Vincent asked Winston what Paella is. Winston said it’s probably something in pastry, if it’s a pae.

Winston and Vincent look at Ofelia’s menu which now has Paella on it

Oh, hello Ofelia, we were just wondering what Paella is? Oh! It’s rice and seafood and stuff! Smells delicious! Fresh off the cooker too!

Dim’s cousin Martha has stayed on since the Wedding and is very excited to be at Vaarklife. Dim’s showing her round and she’s looking forward to sampling one of Winston’s famous burgers!

Martha admires the burgers at Winstons burger stall

Alan thinks Matilda’s stall is very pretty, so many lovely things. Hypno agrees, he could look at the dreamcatchers all day.

Hypno gazes at a dream catcher as Alan talks to Matilda

Meanwhile, Bernard is wondering if Winston’s posters are quite as up to date as they could be….

Bernard looks at Winston’s sample Vaarklife poster, which has the 6 of 2016 crossed out, and a 9 written in

So, we’re all settled in and can’t wait for the music to start on Saturday afternoon!