Fury goes mining!

I had a day out! Humans said I might like this place.


First place we went, we met a rat. Not a ratvaark, just a rat. He was very polite and welcomed me to the museum. Upstairs in the miner’s cottage, I found a nice chair to sit on.

Anyway, we were soon outside again, and there was plenty of machinery to look at!

Here’s a game. Spot Fury! Can you see me? Here I am!

For a minute I thought the humans said there was a buffet, but it wasn’t, it was buffers!

“No unauthorised person…” Well, I’m not a person, am I. Can I have a go?

This winding gear used to be owned by a famous man called Fred Dibnah, and he had it in his garden!

Look at this bucket! It’s HUGE! Imagine it filled with popcorn…

I had a ride on this sculpture of a pit pony. Imagine being a pony working down a mine, poor thing.

Ooh, I like this little crane. I could use that. I wonder what it’s called? Oh. Yeah, very funny.

There was an exhibition with information about how coal forms, and some nice little models.

And here’s that winding tower for real! It’s so tall!

It’s that game again! Can you spot me?

I found a little loco I could drive, I reckon. But the wagon behind it had a pond in it! And then I found a wagon being used to grow vegetables in!

Inside the old Engine House, we saw the big engine that wound the lifts up and down into the mine, how they recharged their helmet lamps, and I found some really decent spanners!


I also met a couple of canaries. They took them down into the mine, and if there was dangerous gas, the birds fell unconscious. But don’t worry, they would take them back out and give them oxygen to revive them!

After all this walking about, we decided it was time for a quick cuppa and a little snack.

Hello, where am I now? Aha! We’re going on a train ride! I have to be careful to keep my head, hands, arms, feet and legs inside the carriage. Well, if I had any hands, arms, feet or legs…

Anyway, it was a fun ride!

So, all in all, I had a great afternoon!