Dim and Matilda’s Valentine Dinner.

Dim presents Matilda with a single red rose

Oh look! Dim has brought Matilda to a fancy restaurant for Valentine’s Day. How lovely, he’s bought her a red rose.

Dim tells the Maitre d’ that they have a reservation, for a candlelit dinner. Matilda says it’s very romantic, but perhaps they could take the candelabra away to make room on the table for the actual dinner?

The Maitre d’ presents them with menus and takes their drinks order while they decide what to have to eat. There’s so much to choose from!

“Well, this is nice!” says Matilda, as the Maitre d’ takes their order to the kitchen.

For starters, they’ve chosen the mini burger and hot dog. They smell very tasty, and the drinkers at the bar start to feel peckish!

For the main course, a big dish of spaghetti and meatballs. “Black pepper?” enquires the Maitre d’…

They both tuck in to the spaghetti with gusto. Slurp, schlurp, slurp… oh! They blush a little….

“Was everything alright?” Dim says it certainly was, and asks to give his compliments to the chef, who looks familiar…

Dim and Matilda thank Winston the chef
Our compliments to the chef!

“So”, asks the Maitre d’, “Would you like desserts? I recommend the caramel waffle?” Dim and Matilda both like the sound of that!

Ernest presents the dessert menu

Oh! Er… What are you doing!

Oh! How clever! A waffle table!

That’s certainly attracted the attention of the bar customers! Mmm, lovely caramel waffle!

Dim pays the bill and tells the Maitre d’ to keep the change. I wonder if they had a nice evening?

Oh yes. I think they did.

Dim and Matilda cuddle up together
Yes, Dim, it was lovely…