Let’s get set up!

Arnold and Fury gaze at the stage, which is shaped like half a giant Party Ring biscuit, flanked by huge speakers

Exciting News! Fury is on the field with her big truck, and that can only mean one thing. VAARKLIFE 2020!

Arnold talks to Fury driving her big truck on an astroturf field.

The stage and sound system are all set up! Even though Fury and Arnold see it every year, they never fail to be awestruck by it all.

Arnold and Fury gaze at the stage, which is shaped like half a giant Party Ring biscuit, flanked by huge speakers

Fury is hard at work on the technical side. There are all the audio leads to be connected up for a start.

Fury is plugging leads into sockets high above the stage

Next there’s the stage lighting to test. Yes, that’s working!

Fury turns on a small battery pack

Arnold looks at lights set into the stage and backdrop

Testing, testing, 1,2,3, how’s the audio Arnold?

Fury talks into a microphone


Arnold’s ears are blown back by the noise from the speaker

And we mustn’t forget the stage banners eh? I said WE MUSTN’T FORGET THE STAGE BANNERS ARNOLD. Never mind his hearing will be back to normal soon.

Arnold and Fury install Vaarklife banners either side of the stage

Fury says there’s a special new stage feature this year, but she won’t let on what it’s for!

Fury and Arnold look at a hatch in the stage floor.

Winston and Vincent are busy setting up the Glamping pods. Vincent makes sure there is enough cosy bedding in The Darjeeling, while Winston sorts out the futon in the Napolitana.

Vincent puts a crochet blanket and a couple of pillows into The Darjeeling, which is an old teapot on its side.

Winston has installed a futon in a giant catering tomato tin

Mustn’t forget the hanging basket – it’s amazing how well it looks from year to year!

They hang a basket of flowers in the spout of the teapot.

The Advance Tent Erection Service is popular again, all sorted and shipshape.

A row of tents are all set up, some pop up tents, and one old scout type.

Just need to assemble the camp bed to go in the Scout tent. There! Nice and comfortable. Don’t nod off Vinnie, there’s work to do!

Winston and Vincent assemble a metal frame into a camp bed

Vincent lies on the camp bed

Winston’s got all the usual merchandise – tee-shirts, CDs, programmes, whistles…

Winston is arranging Vaarklife merchandise with a Party Ring biscuit logo on his stall


Posters. Drat. He really meant to get some new ones printed with the right year. Never mind, he’ll call them ‘retro’.

Winston looks at his poster, which has 2016 crossed out and 2019 written inArnold is buzzing about the site on the quad, making sure everyone is happy. Winston says why does his stall have to be next to the portaloos? Arnold says it can’t be helped, someone has to be, and this year it’s Winston.

Arnold arrives on a quad bike to talk to Winston

Winston and Arnold look at the portaloos, which are old milk and juice cartons with doors cut in

Ah, here’s Ofelia sorting out the Falafel Pot. Just needs a bit of a sweep out and she’ll be ready to start mixing falafels.

Ofelia is sweeping her stall out with a broom

Matilda has all her stock ready. No need to worry about them going out of date, those crystals are thousands of years old! And she’s happy to see she’s next to the doughnuts, so she’ll never be far from a snack.

Matilda admires her stall selling dreamcatchers and crystalsMatilda talks to Vincent, her stall is next to his doughnut stand.