Meet the Mousevaarks

Find out about the individual Mousevaarks of the Salford Clan here. Click on the picture for more information.

Ratvaark shows off his shed, complete with solar panel on the roof
Ratvaark loves to potter in his shed
Arnold poses in his hi-vis jacket, fire extinguisher at the ready
Arnold is a firm believer in Health and Safety.
Bernard with his clipboard and glasses
Bernard Vaark likes things in order
Dim Vaark playing his electronic keyboard.
Dim Vaark can play almost any instrument.
Ernest Vaark plays the drums.
Ernest Vaark lays down some beats!
Ether Vaark works on a sketch at her easel.
Esther Vaark loves to sketch
Fury Vaark shows off her toolbox and tools.
Fury Vaark with her toolbox.
Hypnovaark stares into the camera, with his hypnotic eyes.
Look into his eyes…
Matilda Vaark poses with her candy floss machine and her Chanel handbag.
Matilda Vaark is always in demand at events, for her candy floss machine
Microvaark shows off his spotty hanky on a stick, with a coin for scale
Microvaark is always ready for adventure.
Ofelia poses with the crochet blanket Bernard gave her.
Ofelia loves her crocheted blanket
Vincent poses with his yellow scarf and his leopard print shopping bag.
Vincent Vaark loves his yellow scarf and his leopard print shopping bag.
Winston Vaark has his suitcase open, displaying his stock of watches
Winston Vaark is always looking to make a sale.
Peggy and Gino, a pair of wooden dolls.
Peggy and Gino, honorary vaarks