Mousevaark Adventures

Bernard and Microvaark pose with rucksack and pith helmet as Victorian explorers
Bernard and Microvaark pose for a Victorian expedition photograph.

Here are some of the Mousevaarks’ big adventures. Click on the title to join the fun. Past adventures will be added gradually, and new ones, as they happen.

Watch a ‘vaark pantomime: Jack and the Beanstalk.

Jack, Mother and Simon look at a giant beanstalk
Jack and the Beanstalk

See Bernard and Microvaark go on an expedition.

Bernard and Microvaark look across a huge blanket
An expedition

See what happened on Dim and Matilda’s Valentine date

Dim presents Matilda with a single red rose
Um… For you…

Join the Mousevaarks as they enjoy all the fun of the fair at their May Fete

Four vaarks are dressed in white smocks with red sashes and straw hats with bells on their snozzles
Just Morrising about.

Let your hair down at our summer festival, Vaarklife 2018!

The vaarks look at the big stage, which has huge speakers either side, and a half party ring design over the arch.

Enjoy our telling of the tale of Snow White.

Snow White tidies up and sweeps with a broom

Stay safe, with our Firework Code!

The tin is opened to reveal some fireworks