Saturday Afternoon Let the music begin!

The vaarks are gathered in front of the stage, where Status Quo vaarks are playing

HELLO VAARKLIFE! Here we are again at the biggest best music festival of the year! (especially this year…) You know what’s coming first, as always. It’s STATUS QUO! We’re rocking all over the world!

The vaarks are gathered in front of the stage, where Status Quo vaarks are playing

You can’t beat a bit of Quo!

A close up of Quo

Let’s rock!

The three guitarists rock together

Next up, the first of 4 new acts this afternoon – The Monkees! Their first number is I’m a Believer.  Dedicated to our humans helpers, who had this played at their wedding!

4 vaarks dressed as The Monkees play and sing around a piano

Look at Davy Jones play that tambourine. It’s a much underrated instrument, you know!

Vincent, dressed as Davy Jones, plays a tambourine.

And now their signature tune, here they come, walking down the street. Hey hey, they’re the Monkees. Except when we sing it we sing “hey hey, we’re the Mousevaarks!” Try it!

The Vaarks walk along the stage as if arm in arm

A bit of a change of style now, as we welcome Kate Bush! Singing her most famous song, Wuthering Heights.

Ofelia is onstage dressed as Kate Bush in a white dress with long frizzy hair

Why are you wearing headphones Dim? Oh, it’s not a comment on the music, it’s just that the high notes hurt his ears!

As the vaarks watch, Dim is wearing headphones.

And to follow that, those icons of disco, The Beegees! They’re Stayin’ Alive.

Bernard, Ratvaark and Hypno are dressed as the BeeGees with big gold medallions

Ah, Dim says he’s glad he kept his headphones on!

Dim is still wearing the headphones

Finally for this afternoon, we’re proud to present… Aha! Here to perform Take on Me. You probably remember the amazing video…

Winston, Ernest and Vincent are dressed as Aha

Oooh, look, what’s that big screen?

Onstage next to the band is a big screen.

Its magic! Look, it’s the cartoon singer!

Winston puts his head behind the screen and it shows as a drawing of him, like the famous video for the song,

Now he’s back to real!

He looks in front and the drawing is gone

Now he’s a drawing again!

He looks behind again, and is seen as a drawing,

Ooh, he’s right inside it now!

A full drawing of Winston shows in the middle of the screen as the band play

Don’t get stuck in that box, will you?

The drawing of the singer is in a frame in the middle of the screen, surrounded by images from the video

Oh. Oh dear, I think something’s gone wrong.

The drawing looks stuck in the frame

The band are asking Fury for some technical assistance. He’s stuck in the box!

The band call Fury to the front of the stage

Fury seems to know what to do. Oh heck, Fury are you sure?

Fury looks as the stuck drawingFury has fetched a big pair of scissors

This better work!

Fury is cutting out the bit of the drawing with the singer in

Phew, he’s back again! What a palaver! Thank goodness we had Fury’s technical know-how!

Winston is back to life, lying on the stage looking confused

Well, after all that we need a break to calm down. We’ll be back this evening with a special themed set, we think you’ll love it!