Saturday Afternoon

The vaarks sit in front of the stage as status quo play

It’s time to get started! Vaarklife wouldn’t be Vaarklife without our traditional opening act – it’s Status Quo, ROCKIN’ ALL OVER THE WORLD!



We LOVE this song! We love it when they play guitar together. It’s very vaark!

Three vaarks play guitar together

Nano is so excited. He’s brought the ring cushion from the wedding to sit on, and he’s got a front row spot!

nano sits on a red velvet cushion at the front of the crowd

Next up, some more old friends – The Beatles! They’ve come to play a couple of their later songs, with an Indian musical influence. Meeting that Maharishi has expanded their minds!

The beatles in hippy costume and indian instruments are on stage


That’s a sitar and a swarmandal they are playing, very distinctive sounds.

Vincent as George and Winston as John dressed in hippy shirts play indian instruments


It’s not just their minds they’ve expanded, but their wardrobes too! Cool threads man!

And now a Vaarklife debut, let’s hear it for barefoot Eurovision songstress, Sandie Shaw, with Puppet on a String!

Peggy is dressed as Sandie Shaw


Um, what’s that? Oh! Oh, it’s the puppet!

the puppet dances on the stage with peggy

Ha ha, well done Ernest! Keep dangling!

Gino is astonished! We’ve never seen anything so funny, we’re falling about laughing.

Now, another change of style, and a welcome return from ZZ Top! Every Girl’s Crazy ‘bout a Sharp Dressed Man!

Ravaark, hypno and ernest are Zztop, with false beards


Now, that is a sharp dressed vaark! And it’s true look, the girls are going crazy for him!

Well, mostly. Winston asked Fury why she wasn’t going crazy, and she said she’s much more into overalls.

winston talks to fury

Now, it’s our final act of this session, we loved them last year, so we asked them back. It’s the Village People, and this year they’re In the Navy!

That Admiral’s uniform is certainly pretty flash! Who wouldn’t want a chance to dress like that!

at the back of the line, ratvaark is revealed as an admiralThink about it, sailing the seven seas. Imagine the exotic snacks!

Well, that’s the afternoon session finished, but we’ll be back live after dusk for the Saturday Night Set, and this year, it’s EPIC!