The Story of Snow White

Snow White tidies up and sweeps with a broom

Welcome to vaark-friends, human or not,

Here is a tale with an exciting plot!

Ratvaark, in his waistcoat, is on stage in front of red curtains

There’s all sorts of actions, both wrong and right,

In our panto this year, the tale of Snow White!

Ratvaark speaks from the stage

Snow White is a princess, her parents are dead,

So she lives with her awful step-mother instead.

Ofelia is dressed as Snow White with Matilda as the wicked queen, in a palace ballroom

No ballrooms or gowns for our poor Snow White,

She lives in the scullery, both day and night.

Snow White is in a scullery with brush and bucket and a mattress on the floor

The Queen, her stepmother, is wicked and vain,

She checks her appearance again and again.

The queen looks into an ornate mirror

Her mirror is magic, and can tell no lies,

One question she asks it, and it then replies.

We see the queen reflected in the mirror

Mirror Mirror, on the wall,

who is the fairest of them all?

The queen speaks to the mirror

Your Majesty, I must tell true,

in all the kingdom the fairest is you!

Peggy’s face appears in the mirror

But as Snow White grows up, her beauty grows too,

Even a visiting prince wants to woo.

Ratvaark is dressed as a prince talking to the queen, as Snow White serves tea

But only a scullery maid? Not good enough.

He has to ignore her, which makes him feel rough.

The prince looks unhappy

Then one fateful day, the Queen is deranged

She questions her mirror, but the answer has changed!

The queen looks into the mirror again

Mirror, Mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest one of all?

The queen speaks to the mirror

You’re still quite a beauty, but the beans I must spill.

Humble Snow White is more beautiful still!

The face in the mirror replies to the queen

The queen is so angry, she loses her head.

There’s one thing she wants, to see Snow White dead!

The queen throws her crown onto the floor

She calls her best huntsman, and gives an instruction.

Take out Snow White, and cause her destruction!

The queen talks to Hypnovaark who is dressed as a huntsman in safari jacket with a rifle

To prove your obedience, come back to this place.

Bring me her heart in this jewelled case!

The queen gives the huntsman a jewelled gold box

Heavy at heart, the huntsman obeys,

He takes Snow White out, on forested ways.

The huntsman leads Snow White out into the forest

But this awful huntsman, not so bad we see,

He lets Snow White go, and tells her to flee.

The huntman tells Snow White to run away

Then he rushes home, the queen to appease

The heart of a pig, he gives her to please.

The huntsman shows the Queen a heart in the box

Poor Snow White, bewildered, no hope can she find.

But the small forest animals all are quite kind.

Snow White talks to 2 mice and a moose in the forest

They take her in hand, from the stag to the mouse.

And lead her astonished, to a little house.

The mice lead Snow White to a little house

Well, someone must live here, seven, no less!

Children perhaps, for they’ve left quite a mess.

SnowWhite looks at a scene inside with an untidy bed for seven and stuff all over the floor

So she waits for the owners of this house she’s found,

and while she is at it, she tidies around

Snow White tidies up and sweeps with a broom

But weary from walking, she dozes alone,

and while she is sleeping, the owners come home.

Snow White sleeps on the bed under her blanket

Not minors, but miners! A band of wee folk.

They enter the house with a song and a joke.

The seven dwarves return to the house – played by Microvaark, Vincent, Dim, Arnold, Winston, Bernard and Ernest.

But what a surprise, asleep on their bed!

They stare quite astonished and scratching their heads.

The dwarves look at Snow White asleep on the bed

And when she awakes, Snow White is alarmed,

But the wee folk are friendly, so she won’t be harmed.

Snow White has woken up and talks to the dwarves

She tells them her tale, how she ran away,

And they all agree, she’s welcome to stay!

The dwarves and Snow White embrace

And now, it’s time for the interval. Please do stretch your legs if you’d like to. Gino has a range of choc ices for sale!

Gino is on the stage, with a tray of choc ices

We welcome you back, we hope you’re refreshed.

Now on with the story in which we’re enmeshed.

Ratvaark, back in his waistcoat, speaks from the stage again.

Our hero Snow White is safe from the Queen.

She lives with the wee folk, and keeps the house clean.

Snow White dusts the house with a feather duster

They dig in the mines, to set diamonds free!

Then home to Snow White who cooks them their tea.

The dwarves work in a mine filling a mine car with gems

Back at the castle, the Queen has to check.

She asks for the answer she surely expects.

The queen sits on a couch in her boudoir

Mirror Mirror on the wall,

Who is the fairest of them all?

The Queen looks at the mirror again

Your plan has failed, I must tell true,

Snow White still lives, more fair than you.

The mirror speaks back to the Queen

Well! The queen is mad, her plan’s no good.

She’ll have to go out, into the wood.

The Queen throws her crown on the floor again

She picks an apple sweet and round,

But in the middle poison is found.

The Queen has a shiny apple

If poor Snow White takes just one bite,

She’ll fall asleep, as deep as night.

The apple is green on one side, red on the other

She dons a cloak that’s not her own,

And ventures out, as an aged crone.

The Queen wears a drab brown cloak

The animals are worried, as through the wood she roams.

They hurry off to find the dwarves, to tell them to come home.

The mice watch the Queen walk through the forest with the apple

Snow White hears a knock, and asks Who can that be?

An aged crone is standing there, asking for some tea.

Snow White talks to the Queen in disguise in the cottage

Thanks for tea the old crone says, now I must make things right.

In exchange, this apple sweet, why don’t you take a bite?

The Queen has a cup of tea and offers the apple to Snow White

The apple certainly looks good, all shiny green and red.

She takes a bite but then feels odd, and falls down as if dead!

Snow White lies on the floor lifeless as the Queen looks at her

I’ve won! The wicked queen declares, My foe is overcome!

But now in case of getting caught, I really ought to run.

The Queen leaves the cottage

Just then the little folk return, they see the wicked queen.

Whatever can the matter be, what trouble has there been?

The dwarves arrive to see the Queen leaving

But oh, her evil plan backfires, she’ll not quite get away.

A bolt of lightning lands on her, and so quite dead she lays.

A bolt of lightning strikes the queen down dead in front of the dwarves

The wee folk rush into their house, worried for Snow White.

And oh! They find her lying there, an awful frightening sight.

The dwarves find Snow White in the house

They try and try to wake her, but it seems she’s met her end.

They weep their little hearts out, at the loss of their dear friend.

The dwarves weep and hug each other over Snow White’s body

They cannot bear to bury her, in ground so hard and cold,

And so they make a coffin, her body for to hold.

The dwarves have put Snow White in a gold and glass coffin

Made of glass so all can see, her beauty for all time.

All trimmed with gold and flowers, a proper little shrine.

Two of the dwarves and a mouse look at Snow White in her coffin

One day that prince we saw before, is walking in the wood.

He’s heard about poor dear Snow White and doesn’t feel so good.

The Prince looks into the glass coffin at Snow White

He sees the shrine and poor Snow White, the maiden sorely missed.

He has to look and steal a kiss, he really can’t resist.

The Prince looks at Snow White as he leans in to kiss her

But oh! What joy! Amazing! His kiss the dread spell breaks,

And in that happy moment, Snow White, she awakes!

Snow White wakes up and she and the Prince kiss

And all the wee folk and the beasts, who mourned her for so long,

Are absolutely happy to be so proven wrong!

All the dwarves and the Prince and the mice hug Snow White

The prince and Snow White fall in love, and wedding bells are planned,

The invites go out far and wide, to all throughout the land.

The Prince and Snow White, now in a golden dress are in the palace

But sure, the guests of honour, among the great and good,

Are Snow White’s seven little friends, the wee folk from the wood.

The Prince and Snow White greet the dwarves at the palace

And so our tale ends happily, we hope you liked it all,

Never forget that welcome made, by all those folk so small!

The Prince, Snow White and the Dwarves all face the audience