Sunday Afternoon

bernard ernest hypno and vincent are dressed in identical velvet jackets with pink shirts and bow ties

After a lazy morning, we’ve gathered for our usual Sunday picnic. Ofelia has supplied Paella of course, and falafels and wraps.

all the vaarks gather round a tartan picnic blanket with food and teacups

Nano decided he’d have a little beaker of juice to drink, as the cups of tea would be big enough for him to swim in!

Nano sits on his red velvet cushion with a plastic beaker

Winston asked Gino if the Paella was authentic enough, and Gino had to explain that Italy and Spain aren’t the same place!

winston talks to gino

So, it’s Sunday afternoon, and welcome back to #Vaarklife everyone! As you may know we like a traditional start to Sunday’s music, and here are a couple of songs from the film Brother Where Art Thou? Sung by the Soggy Bottom Boys!

the vaarks look at the stage as dim plays banjo for three vaarks in black and white striped costumes


In the film, the Soggy Bottom Boys are escaped convicts who team up with a musician and become an Old Time music sensation.

the three convicts are chained together


Arnold says it feels very odd to be chained up in prison outfits. Winston says “You soon get used to it!”

And now, we’re delighted to welcome Elton John back to the stage, for a duet with Kiki Dee! Don’t go Breaking my Heart!

the vaarks look at elton john and kiki dee on stage


That’s quite some jacket Elton!

elton is in a loud check jacket, and kiki dee wears dungarees

Next on stage, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles with Tears of a Clown

bernard ernest hypno and vincent are dressed in identical velvet jackets with pink shirts and bow ties

I wonder why Arnold is standing by? And what’s Fury doing behind the scenes?

Ah! After the little problem we had last year with a fire-themed medley, this year, we’ve gone for Smoke instead. Fury is operating the smoke machine!

fluffy smoke appears around the singers

Next up then, of course, it’s Deep Purple with Smoke on the Water!

vaarks are on stage as Deep purple


Everyone knows that opening riff, look at us all doing Air Guitar to it!

Ratvaark, matilda and bernard play air guitar

There’s certainly plenty of smoke. I think Arnold is looking a bit worried!

And now, a change of pace, it’s Miss Eartha Kitt, with Smoke Gets in Your Eyes. How lovely.

Ofelia is on stage in a white dress


ofelia dances

It is getting quite smokey though. It really is getting in everyone’s eyes!

Arnold doesn’t know what to do – his extinguisher will only make it worse! He shouts to Fury to stop with the smoke!

Arnold, his ears raised in alarm, doesn’t know what to do about the smoke

Ah it’s ok, Fury’s got a smoke clearing strategy sorted out. That’s doing the trick. It’s also deranged Miss Kitt’s hairdo a bit, but never mind.

With the smoke all gone, time for our next act – it’s the Weather Girls, with It’s Raining Men!

Esther and Matilda are dressed in raincoats and carry umbrellas


They’re gonna go outside, and let themselves get absolutely soaking wet!

Esther and matilda dance with the umbrellas

Peggy asked Gino if he was planning to go raining, but he assured her he wasn’t.

Peggy talks to gino

And now, to close the festival for this year, our old favourites, it’s QUEEN! First up, it’s Radio Ga Ga!


We’re all joining in with the clapping!

And to play us out, a real anthem. We are the Champions!

queen have changed out of their red outfits



Look at them play! Look at Freddie strutting his stuff!

ratvaark as freddie wears a black and white catsuit like in the video

We’re all swaying to the music. We can’t help it! We all feel like champions!

Well. There we are, all done for another year. We’ve had a fabulous time, and we hope you have too. See you again net year!