Sunday around the world!

Ernest, Vincent and Dim play the drums, sitar and flute onstage

Welcome back to Vaarklife 21! We had a lazy morning after a late night last night, but we’re back at the stage, for some more music. And this afternoon, we’re taking a musical tour around the world with traditional tunes from many countries!

First of all, we’re going to India! With the traditional sitar, tabla drums and flute. So evocative.


Ernest, Vincent and Dim play the drums, sitar and flute onstage

And look! We’ve even got a display of Indian dance to go with it!

Ofelia comes on stage in red and gold silk, to dance.

Her outfit is so sumptuous, and her movements are so elegant.


Ofelia moves her snozzle elegantly to one side

Ofelia points her snozzle to the sky

Ofelia inclines her head to the side.

Ofelia twists her snozzle

From India to the high Andes now, and the music of Bolivia, with flutes and panpipes.


Fury, Bernard, and Vincent and Micro are all on stage wearing ponchos, playing a flute, guitar, ukulele and panpipes.

Cool ponchos!

Fury, Bernard and Vincent in their striped ponchos.

Micro plays those panpipes very well, considering he can hardly see over them!

Micro plays the panpipes, the longest pipe is almost as tall as he his.

Back across the Atlantic now, to some rhythms of Africa!


Ernest, Micro, Winston and Esther play a selection of drums and a balafon, a type of xylophone.

Esther loves the sound of the balafon, and the way all the different drums combine to make the music.

Esther plays a wooden instrument called a balafon.

More drums now, but made of steel! Lie back, and think of white sand, blue sky and the gentle waves of the Caribbean sea.

Dim, Bernard and Winston play a set of steel drums made from old tea-light cases.

Bernard can hear a rumbling noise. He hopes it’s not a hurricane coming…

Bernard looks off to one side

Ah! It’s Fury. She thinks those drums aren’t quite big enough! Well, the more the merrier!

Fury is rolling a much bigger drum, made from a tuna tin, onto the stage

Fury joins in the playing


A little closer to home now, with some passionate Spanish Flamenco. Peggy dances, to Gino’s guitar.


Peggy wears a red flounced dress, and Gino wears a red cape and plays a Spanish guitar.A close up of Peggy in her dress

See how she plays her castanets and stamps about the stage! It’s so dramatic.

Peggy dances with one arm raised. She has castanets on her hands.

Peggy dances as Gino plays

Peggy stamps a foot as she dances.

Now, here’s some music for fans of the triangular. It’s time for some Russian music, on the balalaika!


Hypno, Winston, Micro and Vincent play accordion and balalaikas.

As soon as Micro found out there was such a thing as a bass balalaika, he wanted to play one!

Micro peeps out from behind the biggest balalaika

Nano says this music is making him very peckish. Why’s that Nano?

Nano talks to Ofelia

Well, all those balalaikas look like tortilla chips!

As Ofelia and Ernest look on, Micro produces a single triangular tortilla chip

Nano munches on the chip

Well, with tortilla chips on the menu, there’s only only place we can go to for our finale. Mexico and the rhythms of the Mariachi band!


Ernest and Dim wear black jackets and fancy sombreros, and play the guitar and ukulele.

But hang on, why is that odd sombrero on stage?

Ernest and Dim look at a blue sombrero lying on the stage.

Oh! It’s Nano! He couldn’t find a hat small enough!

Ernest lifts the sombrero to reveal Nano underneath

A close up of Nano under the hat.

Well, thank goodness he’s here now, just in time for the trumpet part!

The band play again, with Nano on a tiny trumpet

A close up of Nano and his trumpet

Well, that was great! And now the music is over for another year. I hope you’ve enjoyed it all as much as we have. We’ll say goodbye from the festival field now, and tuck into these tasty tortilla chips! Adiós!

All the vaarks are gathered on stage, eating tortilla chips