Sunday Morning, all the fun of the festival.

Hypno is looking at the burger van menu

Well, we’ve all had a bit of a lie in after last night. It rained a bit overnight, so Peggy has put her festival wellies on today.

Ratvaark talks to Peggy and Gino outside their tent. Peggy wears a pair of pink floral wellies

Micro has arranged for the site buggy again to give Nano a lift. It’s a bit tricky getting through the grass when it’s taller than you are.

Micro drives a little buggy with Nano sitting in the back

All the glamping podders are up too!

Bernard, Dim and Matilda leave the glamping pods.

First things first. Breakfast!

All the vaarks are queueing at the burger van and the falafel stall

Hypno can never decide whether to have a burger or a hot dog. Winston suggests both?

Hypno is looking at the burger van menu

Fury is definitely opting for paella. With a side of falafel.

Fury looks at the food on offer at the falafel stall

Nano fancies doughnuts. 2, or 3? asks Vincent. Yes please! Says Nano.

Nano talks to Vincent at the doughnut stall

Once everyone has eaten, Ofelia can get away to do some shopping. She’s had her eye on one of Matilda’s dreamcatchers.

Ofelia talks to Matilda at her stall

Ofelia chooses a dreamcatcher

Do you want it wrapping? Asks Matilda. No, thank you, says Ofelia, I’ll take it as it is.

Ofelia has a dream catcher hanging from her snozzle

There, that looks good. She’ll find a better way to hang it later.

Ofelia admires the dreamcatcher hanging over the door of her stall.