Advaark 2020 Day 14: Shine a light!

More papercraft today, what are Dim and Matilda up to? Ah! Paper lanterns!

Dim and Matilda have a rectangle of paper, scissors and tape

First of all, fold the paper in half, then make cuts in it on the folded edge, leaving a strip on the other side not cut through.

matilda and dim fold the paper in half

Dim holds the paper and Matilda cuts into it

Now, unfold it. Next, it need to be rolled up. Matilda says it would help if they had something to roll it around.

The paper is unfolded and Matilda talks to Dim

Well, that is very helpful Dim! You’re just the right size too! Just need to tape the edge.

Dim lies on the paper to be rolled up

Matilda tapes the edge of the paper to keep it rolled up

Well Dim, you look very… well, daft, to be honest. But look, if we take it off you, and find a little battery powered tealight, it sits over it very nicely!

Dim stands up, wearing the paper lantern

Dim and matilda have a battery powered tealight

the lantern sits over the tealight

Oh Arnold! No, it’s alright, it’s not a real flame. Look how pretty it is. And you can make these lanterns any size!

arnold appears with his fire extinguisherthey all look at a bigger lanternArnold looks at a tiny lantern that just fits over the fake flame


Advaark 2020 Day 11: Let’s BAKE!

Today, we’re on location in the kitchen. Ernest and Esther are going to make gingerbread biscuits! It’s a messy business, hence the aprons.

Esther and Ernest stand on a worktop, with all the ingredients for biscuits

Arnold has come to monitor Health and Safety. He hasn’t got an apron, so he’s put his cagoule on.

Arnold is wearing a see through plastic raincoat.

First of all, they are sieving the flour and spices, and bicarb. Then they measure out the fat, sugar and syrup. Arnold is on hand in case of any sticky situations.

ernest and esther put the dry ingredients in a bowl

the vaarks measure out golden syrup

While Esther and Arnold supervise melting the fat and syrup. Ernest puts an egg in a jug. I think, Ernest, you have to take it out of the shell. That’s the way!

Ernest and Esther watch a pan heating on the stove.

Ernest has put a whole egg in a measuring jug

Ernest whips the egg in the jug

Once all the fat and syrup are melted, they get poured into the dry ingredients, with the egg and mixed to make a dough. The dough needs to chill, so it goes in the fridge.

Esther stirs the bowl of ingredients

Ernest and Esther look at the dough in the bowl

Arnold puts the bowl in the fridge

While it chills, Arnold heats the oven. There, now it’s ready to roll out. This is even messier! Don’t get floury bottoms you two!

Arnold turns the oven on

Ernest and Esther roll out the dough on a floured surface

Arnold is cutting crinkly biscuits and Ernest is cutting round ones. But Esther is doing something a bit more complicated!

Arnold cuts out a crinkled biscuit with a cutter

Ernest cuts out a round biscuit

Esther cuts out a vaark shape with a knife

Now, into the oven the biscuits go, and we have to wait for 15 mins, while they start to smell nice! And here they are! Got to let them cool.

Arnold puts the biscuits in the oven

All three vaarks watch the oven

The biscuits are all out on a cooling rack

Once they are cool, you can add some icing if you like! There’s even one for Nano. But what about Esther’s biscuit?

The vaarks are squeezing tubes of icing onto the biscuits

Arnold and Ernest show off their biscuits

Ernest looks at a tiny iced biscuit

Wow! What a colourful gingerbread vaark! That’s amazing Esther!

Esther shows off a very colourfully decorated vaark shaped biscuit.

Advaark 2020 Day 9: Knit one, purl one.

Today Arnold and Ernest are doing some knitting! They are going to make a nice scarf – always a welcome present for someone. Arnold holds the needles, and Ernest twiddles the yarn.

Arnold and Ernest are holding knitting needles with a little scarf cast on

When Ernest gets tired, they swap!

Ernest and Arnold have swapped places

There! That looks very cosy, and Ernest is very pleased with it. He wants to rush off and show the others.

Ernest is wearing the scarf as Arnold admires it

Ernest turns to go, and the end of the yarn catches on the table

Oh no! Arnold spots something. Ernest, your scarf! Stop!

Arnold notices the end of the scarf is caught and unravelling and his ears fly up in shock


Arnold chases after Ernest, who is heading out, his scarf still unravelling

Advaark 2020 Day 5: A leaf wreaf!

Arnold, Micro and Nano are going to make a Christmas wreath. They’re going for something a bit different this year. First we need a cardboard ring, so Arnold is drawing lines to cut round.

Arnold uses a set of compasses to draw circles on a piece of card, to form a ring.

We saved some leaves from the Sweet Chestnut tree in autumn, and we’re going to stick them to the ring with hot glue. Nano says he’s looking forward to maybe even getting some chestnuts from the tree eventually!

Arnold has a cardboard ring, and Micro brings a golden-brown leaf from a pile

Nano looks up at one of the crinkly leaves

So, Arnold sticks a leaf to the ring, and Micro and Nano bring the next one, and he works all the way round, overlapping the leaves.

Arnold puts hot glue on a leaf as Nano brings another on.

There! All overlapped so you can’t see the stalky bits.

Arnold, Micro and Nano admire the ring of leaves.

Leaves are all very nice, but it’s a bit plain, so they’re going to add some nuts to carry on the autumn theme. They plan where each one is going, then Arnold glues them down.

Arnold and Micro look at a bag of nuts in shells, with Nano sitting on top.

They start laying Walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and brazil nuts on the wreath

All the nuts are glued down

And for a final Christmassy touch, Micro is dry brushing a little gold paint onto the nuts and the edges of the leaves. Not too much, just a hint. There! That’s very stylish.

Microvaark brushes a little gold paint on the nutsThe three vaarks admire their work

Nano asks Arnold to crack a walnut for him. Arnold says why, are you hungry?

Nano talks to Arnold, who has a walnut and a pair of nutcrackers

Oh no, says Nano, it’s just I’ve always wanted a yacht!

Nano sits in a half walnut shell, with a mast and sail to look like a yacht.

Fury’s Big Bang!

Fury says:

I was outside, servicing me truck earlier, when Winston came by, He said he’d got something I might be interested in…

Cor! Look at the size of that rocket! I’ve gotta have that to let off tomorrow night! Imagine lighting that blue touchpaper!

So me and Winston negotiated a price and the deal was done.

Fury gives Winston a wrapped biscuit

Everyone who came by was very excited about the prospect of such a big rocket.

Several other vaarks are admiring the rocket

Oh heck, Arnold’s coming! Quick, stand in front of it, he’ll have a fit!

Fury looks off to one side, worried

What’s that Arnold? Nah, we’re just hanging out, you know. Nothing goin’ on.

Arnold looks suspicious as the vaarks line up to try and hide the rocket

Drat, he’s spotted it….

Arnold spots the rocket and his ears fly up.

Well, he’s given us all a lecture on the dangers of fireworks and then he’s only gone and confiscated it!

I’ll have to get me biscuit back off Winston… Winston! Come back ‘ere!

Fury looks for Winston who is disappearing off out of shot.