It’s Bonfire Night again!

We’re just having a little bonfire and firework display this year, and of course Arnold is in charge. He’s checked the bonfire for hedgehogs and the like, and we’ve all gathered to watch.

Ooh, it’s lit up nicely! Just the thing on a cold evening. Nano decided the safest way to watch was to sit in Peggy’s handbag.

First of all, Arnold’s lit the Roman Candles. Don’t they look nice, like sparkly fountains. And quiet too. All our fireworks are quiet, so as not to scare anyone.

Arnold lights a row of roman candles

Now for the Catherine Wheel. We love the way it whizzes round.

A little break for sparklers – Ernest and Vincent are just waving theirs around, but Fury always likes to write her name.

And now, the finale – rockets! Oooh! Aaaahhh! Ooooooooh! We hope you’ve enjoyed our fireworks, and had a safe November the 5th!

A blue rocket has a spiralling tail

Fury’s Big Bang!

Fury says:

I was outside, servicing me truck earlier, when Winston came by, He said he’d got something I might be interested in…

Cor! Look at the size of that rocket! I’ve gotta have that to let off tomorrow night! Imagine lighting that blue touchpaper!

So me and Winston negotiated a price and the deal was done.

Fury gives Winston a wrapped biscuit

Everyone who came by was very excited about the prospect of such a big rocket.

Several other vaarks are admiring the rocket

Oh heck, Arnold’s coming! Quick, stand in front of it, he’ll have a fit!

Fury looks off to one side, worried

What’s that Arnold? Nah, we’re just hanging out, you know. Nothing goin’ on.

Arnold looks suspicious as the vaarks line up to try and hide the rocket

Drat, he’s spotted it….

Arnold spots the rocket and his ears fly up.

Well, he’s given us all a lecture on the dangers of fireworks and then he’s only gone and confiscated it!

I’ll have to get me biscuit back off Winston… Winston! Come back ‘ere!

Fury looks for Winston who is disappearing off out of shot.