Advaark 2020 Day 19: Going to print

Winston, Esther and Gino are going to do some printing! They’ve got various things to make stamps from, and paint to print with.

Winston, Esther and Gino have gathered together paper, paint, a sponge, a potato, all on a sheet of newspaper.

Winston found a proper stamp and an inkpad, so he thought he’d see what it was. Oh! Well, that’s one way to get an S right!

Winston has a rubber stamp

Winston stamps the stamp on an inkpad

Winston prints on paper

The stamp is an ornate letter S

Right, lets start printing some designs. Winston has carved a tree shape onto this potato half. That looks lovely in green! 

Winston has a half potato with a tree shape cut into it

Winston has printed lots of green trees on paper

I wonder what Esther is printing in red? Ah, it’s a ribbon or banner. Lovely decoration.

Esther dips her half potato in red paint

Esther prints a waving banner shape on paper

Gino found a piece of foam packaging to cut his shape into, a lovely star.

Gino has a star cut into some foam

Gino prints golden stars

Hello, says Winston, what’s this pattern?

Winston looks at some pairs of oval blobs printed across a piece of paper

Gino! You’ve walked in the paint! You better go and wash your feet off!

The blobs lead to Gino, and are the same shape as his feet.

Advaark 2020 Day 12: Festive face mask

Peggy is doing some sewing today – she’s going to make a mask for Mrs Human to wear, from some festive looking fabric.

Peggy is sitting at her sewing machine with some pieces of cloth and a reel of cotton

The pieces are quite big, so Gino is helping to feed them through the machine.

Gino helps to guide the fabric through the machine

When all the layers are sewn together, they can thread some elastic through to hold the mask on. It’s a good thing they don’t need to wear masks, as neither of them have ears!

Gino threads the elastic through the side of the mask with a safety pin

Oh, here’s Vincent, come to see what they are doing. What’s that? he says. It’s a mask, says Peggy.

Vincent looks at the finished mask

A mask? Says Vincent, well, I think it looks more like a hammock!

the mask is suspended from each end, and Vincent is swinging in it