Advaark 2020 Day 22: Let’s get weaving!

Today, Hypno and Ernest are going to do a bit of weaving today, in some nice Christmassy colours. They are starting with a piece of card that’s got notches cut in each end.

Hypno and Ernest have a piece of car with a zig zag cut into each end.

Hypno is stringing the loom, up and down, around the points. This is called the Warp! Don’t pull too hard Hypno, or you’ll warp the card!

Hypno and Ernest have a piece of car with a zig zag cut into each end.

Hypno threads the loom with white yarn

Now, Ernest is going to weave the colours in and out. This is called the Weft (you can remember because it goes from Weft to Right!). He’s threaded the yarn into a big bodkin to make it easier.

Ernest has a needle threaded with red yarn

Ernest is pushing the blunt end through first, so as not to split the warp threads.

Ernest starts to weave the red yarn in and out

Oh dear! Ernest got a bit carried away there. Better extract your snozzle before you do any more.

Ernest pushes the needle through and starts to get his snozzle caught in the threads.

Ernest’s snozzle is completely woven into the warp threads

Well, now, that’s coming on nicely. When Ernest thinks he done enough, it’s time to unhook the warp and tie the threads together in pairs.

Ernest has woven coloured stripes in red white and green

Ernest shows the finished piece to Hypno.

Now all Ernest needs to do is glue a piece of felt on the back, to hide all the loose ends and look! He’s made a lovely festive coaster!

Ernest applies glue to a piece of felt.

Ernest shows off the weaving as a coaster, with a cup and saucer on it.

Advaark 2020 Day 6: Looking at God’s Eye!

Hello Hypno, what are you doing? Stick weaving to make a Gods Eye? Sounds interesting!

ratvaark talks to hypno, who has 3 sticks and some yarn

Oh, I see. You overlap the sticks to make a sort of star shape, and then weave the yarn round them.

Hypno has overlapped the sticks and started to weave the yarn round and round

Gosh, you can make different patterns, depending on how you wrap the yarn round.

ratvaark watches as Hypno creates different patterns with red white and green yarn

Well, that’s very pretty! I can sort of see an eye, but it’s like a flower too! I think your eyes are more Godlike though!

Hypno shows off the finished Gods Eye in red, white and green.

We found an interesting article about the God’s Eye here, and there are lots of videos online showing you how to make one.