Winston’s on the up!

So after all the excitement yesterday, I was up early, but Winston had already got up and gone out according to Vincent. He said something about suitable attire. Oh, here he comes now!

I say! A camel coat! Winston says all the best legit businessvaarks have camel coats. And now he’s going to be moving in those circles, he’ll need it. I wonder what his big plan is!? He says we’ll have to wait and see…

Winston enters wearing a camel coloured coat like the sort worn by salesmen.

A close up of Winston in his coat


Advaark Day 9

I’m somewhere sparkly, where am I? Well, the humans needed to go to the Trafford Centre for something, so I went along to do some of the clan’s shopping. It’s a huge place, and the decorations are very festive.

Well, after going round all the shops, I’m home, laden down! I took my rucksack and a shopping bag and a trolley and I still had to have a few paper bags from some of the shops.

Ratvaark is back in the room, carrying a rucksack, a shopiing bag, with a shopping trolley and a few paper carrier bags, talking to Ernest Ofelia and Vincent

Ernest and Vincent wanted to know all about my trip, but I said I was too exhausted to tell them anything right now!

Ofelia disappears out of scene, while Ratvaark looks tired

Ah…. Ernest is giving me a neck rug to revive my aching back, all those bags were heavy! And Ofelia has brought me a reviving snack and hot chocolate. She always knows what’s best.

Oi, Vincent! You keep your snozzle out of those bags. They’re secret!

Ratvaark stops Vincent from looking into all the bags