The Ceremony!

Dim and Matilda look at each other, Matilda’s veil is pushed back.

Dim and Ernest are at the venue in good time. Dim asks Ernest for the umpteenth time if he’s got the rings safe.

Dim and Ernest are in front of a rose covered archway and stained glass window. Ernest holds red velvet cushion with two gold rings on it.

Winston is enjoying being an usher. He’s asking “Bride or Groom?” as everyone arrives, but so far everyone has said “Both!”. But hang on, here’s a lady who says “Groom”

Dim comes running over. It’s his cousin Martha! They haven’t seen each other for years! It’s lovely to have a family member here.

All the guests are here now, Martha is chatting with Peggy. Microvaark thinks he might move seats, or he’ll never see anything past Peggy’s hat.

Ahem! Strike up the music. The bride is here, Esther and Ofelia by her side.

Nano is doing a great job of carrying the end of her train. Although he got tired quite quickly, so he jumped on for a ride. A ride on a train!

And here she is, at Dim’s side. Time for the ceremony to begin. Quiet please!

Nano sits on the train and rides behind Matilda’s

“Dear vaarks and friends. We are gathered here to day to witness the marriage of Dimitri and Matilda. This a solemn but joyful occasion and we welcome you all.”

Matilda looks at Dim through her veil. Ratvaark officiates, in a purple robe and top hat.

“Dimitri, do you take Matilda to be your wife?”

“I do”

“Matilda, do you take Dimitri to be your husband?”

“I do”

“And now, would the bearer of the rings come forward please.”

Ernest steps forward with the cushion and rings

“With this ring, I thee wed”

“With this ring, I thee wed”

“And now, the symbolic joining of the broken Party Ring.”

Ratvaark shows the biscuit

“Take one half each please.”

The couple look at Ratvaark as he produces a Party Ring biscuit broken in two

“As you join together this Party Ring, you promise to love and cherish each other and to share your snacks for evermore. I now pronounce you husband and wife!”

Dim and Matilda hold the two halves of the biscuit together.

Time for the photos! Hypno has got a proper camera sorted out and he’s arranging everyone into groups for pictures.

Hypno takes pictures with an old fashioned camera with a hood, on a tripod.

Bride and groom, Bride and Groom and Bridesmaid and Best Man, Bride and Groom and Groom’s Cousin, Everyone!

Everyone? What about you Hypno! Set a timer and get into shot yourself! Whoops, not enough time! Oops, he tripped! There! He made it!

Ratvaark wishes they’d hurry up, that feather on Peggy’s hat is tickling his… arh, ahhh, ahhhh Chooo!

And as the happy couple leave the ceremony, it’s time to get the confetti out! So pretty!

Matilda and Dim are covered in confetti

Nano’s very pleased with the confetti, he’s got a new hat!

Nano wears a single piece of confetti on his head

And so, into the car, to head off to the reception!

Dim and Matilda leave in the car driven by Fury.