We’re here!

Ernest sticks his head out of the tent flaps.

Well, here we are! All of us who aren’t already here setting up, have arrived at Vaarklife!

The vaarks have arrived at the festival in a pink toy double decker bus.

Winston is here to welcome those of us who’ve booked Glamping Pods.

Various vaarks are greeted by Winston in the glamping pod area

Dim has brought Matilda’s ‘Channel’ handbag (acquired by Winston) as arranged. She says it suits him. They are glad to be back in The Napolitana pod, it’s nice and comfy.

Dim, carrying a fake Chanel bag talks to MatildaDim and Matilda look into the pod made from a catering tomato tin

Bernard is in the Darjeeling again, he says it suits his sedate style.

Bernard looks out of the teapot on its side.

Micro is taking his sleeping bag into the Freisian, and Nano is happily settling into the Nanopod.

Microvaark has a tiny sleeping bag, outside the pod made from a milk bottleNano looks out of his pod, made from an individual milk portion carton

The rest of us are camping, so off we go to the tents!

The rest of the vaarks head for the tents pushing a shopping trolley with luggage in

There’s a lot to do, getting our luggage and sleeping bags into the tents.

Vincent takes his shopping bag into a wigwam style tent

Peggy and Gino put a large suitcase into the scout tent

Hypno and Ernest go into pop up tents

Ernest loves sticking his head out of the tent flaps to watch the world go by.

Ernest sticks his head out of the tent flaps.

As usual, Fury sleeps on her toolbox, and Arnold sets his bivvy bag up on stage, where he can keep an eye on things.

Fury lays a mattress on top of her tools in her toolbox

Arnold unrolls a bivvy bag

Beep Beep! It’s the Esther in her campervan! She can park on the hardstanding next to the pods.

Ratvaark looks at a campervan arriving

Ratvaark talks to Ester beside the van

And she’s brought the BBQ, excellent!

Esther shows Ratvaark a little barbecue

Ofelia sleeps in her Falafel Pot, as she likes to be up early to start cooking.

Now we’ll all just settle in, and look forward to the acts!