About the Mousevaarks

28 Mousevaarks lined up in the sun.
So many Mousevaarks…

Meet the Mousevaarks!

Welcome to the world of Mousevaarks!

The mousevaarks – half mouse, half aardvark – are a tribe of creatures made from socks. They get up to all sorts of adventures. They love fun, and they love snacks even more.

Their characters are as varied as their skin patterns and there are ‘vaark cousins living all over the world.  Some have lots of outfits and vehicles and possessions, whereas some are happy with just a window ledge to sit on, and a biscuit to nibble.

Although they may poke gentle fun at each other occasionally, they are very firmly in favour of cooperation, friendship and sharing. Especially snacks.

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If you’d like to support Sue, our human assistant, to keep helping us have adventures, why not buy us a snack?