Arnold’s American Adventure

arnold bikes past the Hollywood sign

A couple of years ago, Arnold went on a big Adventure on his motorbike, riding all the way across America. So here are all the posts about his trip, gathered into one place.

Arnold makes an Announcement

Bon Voyage Arnold

Arnold ahoy

Arnold arrives

Arnold gets a taste of New York

Arnold on top of the world

Postcard from the Falls

Ding Dong!

Arnold makes an entrance

Off to the Kentucky Derby

Don’t step on my blue suede shoes!


Lift off

Old Man River

Black Gold

Waiting for a train

A town called Deadwood

Independence Day

Ride ’em cowboy


Bear Necessities

Meeting the locals

ET Phone home

Lucky Streak

A night of luxury

There’s gold in them there hills!

Hooray for Hollywood

Arnold’s big decision

And of course, he decided to come back to us. And we were very, very happy to see him again.