The Wedding Reception.

The cake has a tiny vaark couple on the top

Well, here we all are at the reception! There’s a wonderful buffet and a magnificent cake! Four tiers of it, and a little Bride and Groom vaark on top!

We’re all admiring the cake – Nano says he’s amazed at how big it is, and there are are vaarks even smaller than him on top!

But Fury hears there’s a delivery outside and goes to fetch it.

Fury goes out of the reception to collect something

Good Lord! A tower of wedding pies! It’s a present from Benji Vaark, who works for a pie making company. What a wonderful gift! They smell very tasty indeed!

Dim and Matilda say thank you very much Benji, and your human helper Lou.

Dim and Matilda face the camera to thank Benji

And while we’re looking at the post, here’s a card! Aw, it’s from Phileas Vaark and the Leicester Clan! How thoughtful! Thank you chum!

Well, it’s time to cut the cake now! We’ve got a special ceremonial cake cutting sword. Look at that, rich fruitcake, with marzipan and icing, such a treat. And plenty for everyone!

Cake cut, and buffet and pies snaffled, let’s get the disco started. Obviously Dim can’t work the DJ decks, so we’ve got the Ghetto Blaster out. Time for Dim and Matilda’s first dance.

Oh, how lovely. Nat King Cole, and Let there be love.

Dim and matilda dance together snozzle to snozzle

And now, it’s party time! Everyone on the dance floor! Nano is afraid of being trodden on, so he’s staying to look after the champagne.

Well, it’s been a long day, time for the happy couple to go off for some time alone. But first, Matilda has to throw her bouquet!

Matilda turns her back on everyone to throw her bouquet


as matilda throws, the bouquet flies through the air

Oh! Blimey Fury, you caught it. It’s no good putting it down quickly!

Well, off they go, in a car hired for the occasion. I think Winston might have had something to do with the decoration…

Well we’ll carry on dancing for a bit.

Oh look, Nano’s looked after the champagne so well he’s fallen asleep on the ring cushion. So, it’s time for us all to say goodnight, and thank you for coming to Dim and Matilda’s Big Day.

Nano appears to have drunk all the champagne and fallen asleep on the red velvet ring cushion