Preparing for the Big Day

Dim and Ernest look down at Nano who is wearing an outfit

Well, it’s the big day! Esther, Ofelia, Peggy and Mary have come to help Matilda get ready. There is a tradition that a bride should wear Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed and Something Blue. Her dress is new, but what about the other things?

Matilda, Esther, Ofelia, Peggy and Mary are gathered in the living room.

Esther has brought her a veil made of antique lace, so that’s old.

Peggy is lending Matilda a pearl necklace, so that’s borrowed.

Peggy hands Matilda a pearl necklace

And Ofelia has brought her a blue garter, so that’s blue sorted out!

Ofelia gives Matilda a blue garter

Meanwhile Dim is getting very nervous. Bernard, and Nano are doing their best to reassure him and Ernest, who is Best Man, is a very calming influence.

In another room, Bernard, Ernest and Nano are talking to Dim

Ernest says they really ought to get into their tailcoats. Dim says he’s hopeless with a cravat, but luckily Ernest is a dab-snozzle at cravat tying, even on himself.

Nano says he’s very glad that a page boy doesn’t have to wear a cravat. He’s very proud of his gold buttons.

So now Matilda’s ready to get into her dress…

Oh yes, they all agree, she looks radiant!

Matilda is in her dress, but our view of her is obscured by the girls looking at her

Mary pops out to collect the bouquet, made fresh this morning.

Mary is holding a bouquet of yellow flowers

While Peggy and Mary go off to get themselves ready, Ofelia and Esther can change into their bridesmaid dresses.

Ofelia and Esther look at their pale blue dresses laid out on the sofa.

Winston’s popped in and said he’ s pretty sure it’s time for the boys to go, according to his watch, which is mostly right.

Winston, in a tuxedo, has arrived with a watch

So what’s Fury up to? Ah, getting the wedding car ready! A good clean, and a polish with a chamois leather has it shining.

Then it’s time to attach the ribbons and bows, and, as every wedding car needs a chauffeur, Fury’s changed out of her overalls and into a tunic.

Fury’s arrived to pick the bride up – time to go! Ofelia and Esther wave her off, as they’re making their own way there.

Oh heck! One minute everything was fine but then… That doesn’t look good! Luckily, Fury has her tools in the boot, so after a few adjustments, they’re on the way again. That’s why you leave plenty of time!