Sunday Afternoon, signing off.

Vincent leans on the lamppost

Well, here we are, back for the final set on stage. Our laid back Sunday afternoon set. And who’s this?

The vaarks are gathered in front of the stage.

It’s Mr George Formby! He’s going to sing “Leaning on a Lamppost”. He’s even brought his own lamp!

Now, I hope that lamp is well fixed, if you’re going to lean on it….

Vincent leans on the lamppost

Whoops! You must be heavier than you thought!

Vincent and the lamppost have toppled over

Nevermind, not too much damage. Fury will make sure there’s no broken glass left on stage.

Fury comes on stage with a broom to tidy up

Next up, it’s the Vaark Big Band! With a classic Glenn Miller number, In the Mood.

The vaarks watch a Big Band on stage

Nano is our band leader. We haven’t got an instrument small enough for him to play, but he can conduct!

The Big Band all have matching music stands with a V logo and a sunburst design

Nano stands at the front of the band conducting

Hang on a minute. Is that double bass playing itself?

The top of a double bass sticks up above the music stand, apparently alone

Ah, no! It’s Microvaark! He can’t see over the music stand, so it’s lucky he knows the tune well!

Microvaark is behind the music stand, hidden by it, playing the bass.

And now a bit of nightclub glamour! It’s Barry Manilow, with Copacabana! 

Dim is dressed as Barry Manilow in a sharp suit and hat.

He’s so suave!

Dim is dressed as Barry Manilow in a sharp suit and hat.

And who is this? It’s Lola, the Showgirl! Goodness, her dress really is cut down to there! 

Matilda joins Dim on stage.

Matilda wears a sequinned low cut dress and a feather headdress

What a place that Copacabana must have been! See them dance!

Dim and Matilda dance under a shiny sign that reads Copacabana.

And now, our final act of the festival. Fury says she’s installed something special, but she wouldn’t say what it is!

The vaarks all look at the empty stage, with only Fury on it.

Oh, it looks like Fury has a remote control panel. I wonder what it does?

Fury has a remote control with a joystick and an aerial

Oh look, a hatch is opening in the floor! Something is coming up from underneath!

The trap door in the floor slides back

We see the top of Dim’s head and a Wurlitzer organ rising up through the floor

The organ is almost all the way up



Whoops! Dim says You’ve gone a bit too far Fury!

The organ and Dim are raised up above the stage on a large piston

There, that’s right! My goodness, a Wurlitzer Organ! We never knew Dim could play the organ!

The organ and Dim are at stage height

Dim plays the organ


What a lovely end to the weekend. We are going to dance and dance and dance! We hope you have enjoyed it all as much as we have, and you’ll join us again next year for #Vaarklife!