Norway’s clean sweep

We’re getting close to Christmas now. In Norway, the 23rd of December is “Little Christmas”, a chance to decorate the tree, and maybe give an early gift. So why have we got brooms?

Ernest, Winston and Ratvaark are in the parlour with a couple of brooms

Well, in Norway they hide all the brooms in the house, so that witches can’t steal them to ride! Good idea Ernest, put them behind the calendar.

Ernest tucks the brooms away behind the advent calendar.

Hello Esther. What’s that? You need to do some cleaning? No, no, we don’t know where the broom is, sorry!

Esther has arrived, carrying a dustpan, looking for a broom.

What’s the picture today Ernest? Ooh, a jockey on a horse.

Ernest looks at a picture of a jockey on a horse

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