All the fun of the May Fete.

Four vaarks are dressed in white smocks with red sashes and straw hats with bells on their snozzles

Well, it’s the May Bank Holiday, and time for our Fete! Fury and Winston were up early preparing for it – Fury has trucked in all the funfair equipment, checking with Ernest exactly where she should unload.

Winston moved the Burger box and ice cream van in early so that he could hook up to the electricity. Ernest supervised in case of any accident.

And finally, it’s time for the Fete to start!

The vaarks' fete is set up on a table top, with stalls and rides

We’ve got all sorts of stalls, from sweet treats and bric-a-brac to tests of skill and games of chance.

Matilda has a candyfloss stall next to a table of bric-a-brac

As well as the usual catering, Esther is doing teas, which is very popular.

Right, Gino has checked the Maypole for stability, so we can get underway with a traditional Maypole dance!

Gino steadies a maypole with one hand

The team are determined not to have any mishaps this year, after previous entanglements. So they concentrate very hard, and complete the dance without incident! Bravo!

Six vaarks gather round the maypole, holding a ribbon each

Vincent was very pleased to spot a skateboard on the bric-a-brac stall, as he’s always wanted one. So a deal was struck, and off he skated!

Bernard told Matilda he was watching his weight, and asked if she had any sugar-free candyfloss. She had to say no, so he decided to treat himself anyway.

Bernard talks to Matilda at the candyfloss stall

Time for the next big event. May we introduce the Salford Vaark Morris Troupe! Dim is playing the fool with a balloon on a stick.

Listen to their bells jingle as they skip about and clash their sticks.

Everyone laughed when Dim bopped me on the snozzle with his balloon. We gave them a rousing round of applause at the end.

Well, now it’s lunchtime, and look at the queues build up at the catering concessions!

While we let our lunch go down, Peggy entertains us with her Punch and Judy show. We always boo at the crocodile! Thank you Peggy!

Well, now our lunch is digested… it’s time for the funfair!!

The vaarks look at fairground attractions

The Hall of Mirrors always makes us laugh. Look Vincent, there’s three of you, and one of them’s upside down!

Some vaarks look at a selection of novelty mirrors

Fury showed off her muscles on Arnold’s Try Your Strength Machine. He said it was OK to use it while he’s away.

Fury uses a mallet to hit the button on a Try Your Strength machine

Of course, the Ladle-a-bout was popular as ever. Look at the ladles fly!

Although Winston got a shock when his hat blew off, and he had to find it afterwards!

Ernest likes running the Ladle-a-bout, although it’s not all fun. Somevaark seemed to have had a little too much lunch.

Ernest holds a shovel, and looks at the little pile of rice and lentils

But a very exciting thing this year was a new ride – the Swingboat! Peggy and Gino had the first go.

We found out that if I tried to ride with Microvaark, things got a bit one sided.

Gino and Peggy swing in the swingboat

Matilda and Dim were pleased to find that they were perfectly balanced. They had a great time.

After all the fun of the fair, we sat down together with a cup of tea or a snack and had a good old chat about the day.

The vaarks, Peggy and Gino sit in a circle drinking tea, and eating ice cream, burgers and candyfloss

Well, most of us. Vincent was keen to practise his skateboard tricks.

Vincent flips his skateboard up by standing on one end.

Then it was time to pack up. Fury found out why it had been so hard to knock a pistachio off the poles.

Fury looks at a pistachio nut glued to a pole as Winston packs the balls away

Matilda offered to help Esther clear up the tea things, and they had it done in no time.

Esther and Matilda have stacked all the cups and saucers on the table.

Winston packed up the unsold bric a brac, ready for next time.

Winston is cramming bric a brac into his suitcase

Gino and I tidied up the bunting and we both said what a glorious day it had been. We have had fun!

Gino holds one end of the bunting as it wraps round Ratvaark.