The Wizard of Oz

Dorothy and toto set off on the winding yellow road

Ladies and Gentlevaarks! Furry Friends! We would like to present our New Year Day show. Please gather your refreshments, and take your seats!

ratvaark speaks from the stage of the theatre

We’ve got something a little different from our usual panto this year, I hope you will enjoy it!

a close up of ratvaark speaking

And so, the curtains open, and our scene is set – a farmyard, in Kansas….

the curtains open behind ratvaark to reveal a farmyard backdrop

This is Dorothy Gale, an orphan.

a sepia image of ofelia dressed as Dorothy in pinafore dress and carrying a basket

She lives in Kansas, with her Aunt Em and her Uncle Henry.

Dorothy talks to Esther as aunt Em and Hypno as uncle Henry

They share the farm with three farmhands, Hunk, Zeke and Hickory.

they are joined by Dim, Bernard and Arnold dressed as farmhands

And of course, Dorothy’s best friend, Toto the dog!

Microvaark is dressed in a little dog costume with collar and dog ears

Oh dear, here is Miss Gulch, the schoolmistress. She is a very mean lady, who nobody likes, especially Toto!

Peggy arrives as Miss Gulch, in a black dress, with a bicycle

Oh Toto, no! Don’t bite her, you’ll be in trouble!

toto bites Miss Gulch

Poor Dorothy is terribly afraid of what Miss Gulch will do to Toto now, but Aunt Em and Uncle Henry are too busy to do anything.

dorothy talks to aunt em and uncle henry

Dorothy is so sad and worried. She wishes she could escape over the rainbow to a better place.

Dorothy sings, with a rainbow in the background


Oh no! Here’s Miss Gulch again! She’s got an order from the Sheriff to take Toto away and have him destroyed. How awful! She won’t listen to any pleas for mercy.

miss gulch comes back and picks toto up as aunt Em, uncle henry and dorothy beg her to stop

Dorothy is distraught. What will she do without Toto?

dorothy cries on uncle henry

Toto! He’s safe! He escaped! But Miss Gulch will surely come back to find him again. Dorothy decides they must run away, to keep him safe.

toto comes back to Dorothy

And so, Dorothy and Toto run away. Where will they go?

dorothy and toto leave and walk through a woodland scene

Hello, who is this? He says his name is Professor Marvel, a fortune teller! Perhaps he can help. Dorothy explains why they are running away.

Dorothy and toto meet Winston, dressed in a suit and a turban

Now, Professor Marvel is a bit of a fake, but he’s a kind man, and he doesn’t think Dorothy should be away from home.

a close up of professor marvel

And so, Professor Marvel looks in his crystal ball. He tells Dorothy that Aunt Em is ill, and Dorothy must go back to the farm at once!

Dorothy watches as Professor Marvel looks into a marble for a crystal ball

Dorothy rushes back to the farm, but she can’t find anyone. She doesn’t know, but there’s a storm coming and they’ve all taken shelter in the cellar.

Dorothy is alone in the house with toto

Oh no, a twister! Poor Dorothy is blown over and knocked out cold for a moment!

A twister appears in the house

the twister knocks dorothy and toto over

My goodness, that twister is carrying all sorts of people into the air! There’s Miss Gulch. Gosh, she almost looks like a witch now!

Miss gulch flies through the air on her bicycle

Miss gulch transforms into a witch on a broomstick

With a great crash, the storm passes, and Dorothy goes to peep out of the door. “My goodness Toto”, she says, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more!”

dorothy and toto look out of the door of the house.

Here’s Glinda, the Good Witch of the North! She explains to Dorothy that the twister picked the house up and over the rainbow, and has dropped them in Munchkinland!

matilda is dressed as the good witch, with a wand. She talks to Dorothy and toto

Goodness! When the house landed, it landed on the Wicked Witch of the East. Look, she’s wearing her magic ruby slippers.

Dorothy and glinda look at a pair of legs sticking out from under the house, with ruby slippers on the feet

And here are the Munchkins. They are terribly afraid of the Wicked Witch, and Glinda has to assure them she’s dead.

Fury, Ernest and Vincent are Munchkins, looking at the dead witch’s legs

Once they are sure, the Munchkins can rejoice with a happy song!

the munchkins dance and sing

Oh no! Who is this! The Wicked Witch of the West! She’s come to claim her sister’s ruby slippers and she’s not happy!

peggy, dressed as a witch in a tall black hat appears in a puff of smoke

But Glinda has other ideas, and she magically transports the slippers onto Dorothy!

(dorothy is wearing the ruby slippers on her tail

And Glinda tells the Wicked Witch that she has no powers in Munchkinland!

glinda talks to the wicked witch

The Wicked Witch is so angry! She declares she’ll get revenge on Dorothy, and disappears in a puff of smoke!

the witch disappears

“But how will I get home?” asks Dorothy. Glinda tells her she must ask the mysterious Wizard of Oz for help. “A wizard? Where is he” asks Dorothy.

glinda talks to Dorothy at the start of the yellow brick road

Glinda tells Dorothy that the Wizard lives in the Emerald City. Dorothy must follow the yellow brick road, and never take those ruby slippers off! Just follow the yellow brick road!

Glinda shows Dorothy the emerald city off in the distance, with the yellow brick road leading to it

Dorothy and toto set off on the winding yellow road

And so, off they go. It seems like and awfully long way to go, but it’ll be worth it to get back home to Kansas.

Dorothy and toto walk along the yellow road

Hello! Who is this? A scarecrow!

dorothy and toto meet dim dressed as a scarecrow

The scarecrow tells Dorothy that he’s sad because he hasn’t got a brain.

The scarecrow talks to Dorothy

Well! Dorothy is sure the Wizard of Oz can help the scarecrow, so she invites him to come along with them, and he’s happy to join their party.

the scarecrow walks along with dorothy and toto

Here’s someone else! A tin man! He explains that he wishes he had a heart.

the party meet bernard dressed as the tin man

So Dorothy says he must come along with them, and surely the Wizard will sort him out a heart!

The tin man joins the party

Gosh! Here’s a fierce lion! Except, he’s not fierce at all, he’s quite cowardly! He’s even afraid of Toto. He explains that he really wants some courage.

The party meet Arnold dressed as the lion

toto approaches the lion whose ears fly up in shock

Dorothy says the lion must join them, and ask the Wizard for help. And so, he does.

the lion joins the party

Now the Wicked Witch is still plotting against Dorothy. She puts a spell on a field of poppies that the group will have to pass through.

the witch appears in a field of poppies

When they get to the field of poppies, Dorothy says she feels ever so tired, and must have a rest. The Lion says he is tired too.

the party have arrived at the field of poppies

But it’s the deadly poppies that are making Dorothy feel so sleepy. She and Toto and the Lion fall fast asleep.

Dorothy, Toto and the lion are asleep

The Scarecrow and the Tin Man aren’t affected by the poppies and soon realise something is wrong. So they wake the others up and make them move on to safety.

the scarecrow and tin man shake the others awake

The party carry on walking

Well, at last they’ve reached the Emerald City and the castle where the Wizard lives! Here he is, a great disembodied head! He tells them that he can only help them if they bring him the broom of the Wicked Witch!

the party are in a castle and a giant disembodied vaark head in a cloud of smoke talks to them

And so they set off for the Witch’s castle, where they are met by a terrifying flying monkey guard!

the party set off to another castle where they are met by henry wearing wings and carrying a sword

Oh no! The Monkey Guard has captured Dorothy and is taking her away to the Wicked Witch!

The monkey guard takes dorothy and toto away

The Wicked Witch demands that Dorothy gives her the ruby slippers, but Dorothy remembers what Glinda said and refuses to take them off.

the wicked witch talks to dorothy

And so the Wicked Witch tries to grab the slippers, but Glinda’s magic is strong and the slippers give off a shower of sparks!

as the witch tries to grab the slippers sparks fly off them

Quick Toto, run! In the confusion, Toto gets away!

toto runs away from the witch

Now the Witch is furious! She says she will have to kill Dorothy to get the slippers off. Toto may have escaped, but the Witch will return to finish Dorothy off!

the witch shouts at Dorothy

Oh poor Dorothy, She wants so much to go home. She cries for Aunt Em, and thinks she sees her there in the room. She tells her she is trying so hard to get home…

dorothy cries as Aunt Em appears

Dorothy talks to aunt Em

But Aunt Em isn’t really there. It’s just the Wicked Witch, ranting and raving!

the witch rants at Dorothy

Meanwhile, brave little Toto has run to find the Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion. Quickly, he leads them to where Dorothy is.

toto runs to the otherstoto leads them to Dorothy

Quick, quick! They release Dorothy and make their escape, but they are cornered by the Witch and her monkey guard!

the others release Dorothythey are all cornered by the witch

The Wicked Witch is furious! She shoots a flash of lightning at the poor scarecrow!

a flash of lightning comes from the witch’s hand

He’s on fire! Quickly, Dorothy, do something!

the lightning sets the scarecrow on fire

Dorothy is very quick witted, and throws a bucket of water on the scarecrow. Thank goodness, it put the fire out!

Dorothy throws water on the scarecrow

the fire is out and a wisp of steam rises

But look! Something else has happened! “I’m melting!” cries the Witch. It’s the water splashing on her, it’s deadly.

the witch starts to sink down, melting

She’s gone! Hooray!

There is nothing left of the witch but her hat and dress

Oh no, here’s the Monkey Guard! But it’s alright. He hated his mistress, and is happy to give Dorothy her broom to take to the Wizard.

the monkey guard approachesdorothy has the broom

And so they return to the Wizard, happy to give him the broom and gain the things they desire.

they are all back at the wizard’s castle

But the Wizard won’t help! He tells them to come back tomorrow. Dorothy complains that they’ve done what he asked, and he must help them now!

Dorothy talks to the wizard

But what is Toto doing with that curtain? Why, there’s no Wizard at all! It’s just an old man behind a curtain, with a microphone! What a swizz!

toto investigates a curtain

toto pulls the curtain aside

the open curtain reveals Winston as the wizard, wearing a top hat

Well, this is awful, they’ve been terribly tricked!

Dorothy confronts the wizard

But maybe he can help them after all. He tells the Scarecrow that there are many learned men, who have no more brains than you or I, but they have a certificate to prove how clever they are.

the wizard talks to the scarecrow

And so, he presents the Scarecrow with a certificate, and the scarecrow realises how clever he really is!

the wizard presents the scarecrow with a certificate

Next, the Lion! The wizard tells him that many men do brave things everyday, just as the lion has done to rescue Dorothy, but they have medals to prove it.

the wizard talks to the lion

And so, he presents the Lion with a medal, For Valour!

The lion wears a medal on a red ribbon

And then, the Tin Man. The Wizard tells him that there are many men who do great deeds of charity, but all that sets them apart is having a Testimonial.

the wizard talks to the Tin Man

And here, a medallion testimonial for the Tin Man!

the tin man wears a heart shaped medallion on a chain

So that just leaves Dorothy. She doesn’t think he can help her with fancy words. But he tells her he came from Kansas many years ago, in a hot air balloon, and he can take her back there in it!

the wizard talks to Dorothy

And so, Dorothy and the Wizard are in the balloon basket, ready to go. She’s said goodbye to all her new friends, who are going to rule the Emerald City from now on!

Dorothy and the wizard are in a basket surrounded by their friends and Glinda

But oh no! Toto sees a cat and chases after it, and Dorothy jumps out to get him back.

toto runs away

dorothy is out of the basket

But the Wizard can’t stop the balloon taking off! He’s gone, and left Dorothy behind!

the basket rises up with just the wizard in it

Now Dorothy really is stuck here forever she thinks. She wanted so much to go home!

Dorothy cries at being left behind

But what’s this? Glinda tells her there is another way. If she shakes the ruby slippers and repeats “There’s no place like home”, she will be transported.

glinda talks to Dorothy

And so, Dorothy says her goodbyes again, and follows the instructions. “There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no place like…”

Dorothy waves her tail on which she’s wearing the slippers

“…home!”. She’s back! And everyone is safe after the storm! She tells them all about her adventure, but they say she must have been dreaming when she was knocked out.

Dorothy is back home surrounded by her uncle and aunt and the farmhands

Ofelia hugs Aunt Em

But whatever they say, Dorothy will always remember her friends, and that “There’s no place like home!”.

Dorothy looks at Toto