Saturday night at the disco!

All the vaarks are on the dancefloor dancing under the glitterball.

Well, it’s dark now, and time for the Saturday Evening Set! Fury’s been hard at work setting something up….

A very dark image, with a stage just visible in the gloom

On comes the spotlight – oh! A glitter ball!

A spotlight has come on, catching a giant glitter ball and a coloured dancefloor, in front of the normal stage

OK, Fury, hit the switch…

Ratvaark talks to Fury, who is looking a a switch on the side of the stage

Ahhhhhhhhhh! An illuminated stage! Because tonight, ladies and gentlevaarks, we’re celebrating the phenomenon that is disco!

The whole dance floor is illuminated , with coloured panels.

First up then, it’s Ottawan, with….


Bernard, Ernest, Winston, Dim and Vincent stand on stage each with a blank card in front of them

D. I. S. Oh Winston, I thought you’d got over your problem with S…

Bernard turns his card round to show D

Ernest shows an I

Winston shows and S, but written backwards. Everyone looks at him.

Nevermind. C. O! Let’s dance!

Dim turns his card to show C

Vincent shows an O, completing the word Disco.

All 5 vaarks dance on stage.

Next up, it’s Carl Douglas, and Kung Fu Fighting! Look at him groove.

Dim is on stage in a red jacket and headband

Dim dances on stage

Ah, here’s comes the Kung Fu! Ho! Huh! Ha!

Ernest and Vincent are on stage in judo jackets

Ernest and Vincent stage a fight

Ernest grabs Vincent

Vincent hits back

Always end with a bow though!

Ernest and Vincent bow to each other.

We couldn’t do disco without this next track. Of course, it’s the Bee Gees, and Saturday Night Fever, and I’m John Travolta!


Ratvaark is on the dancefloor, in a white suit and gold medallion

How d’you like my moves?

Ratvaark moves to the music

He points his snozzle one way

He points his snozzle the other way

He finishes pointing up to the sky

It’s the Trammps next, with Disco Inferno. Gino is going to dance for us. Goodness, those flares are really something Gino!

Gino is one stage, wearing a pair of red flared trousers with white inserts in the legs


See him groove!

Gino dances to the music

Arnold is a bit worried about the inferno bit, as he’s mislaid his fire extinguisher! Gino promises to be careful!

Arnold appears at the front of the stage to talk to Gino.

More hot stuff now. In fact it’s really Hot Stuff! Here’s Donna Summer.


Matilda is on stage in a frizzy wig and black lace tutu skirt as Donna Summer.

See her strut her stuff on the stage!

Matilda dances to one side

Matilda dances back to the other side.


Time to cool down a little now. Let’s head to the Car Wash!


Microvaark is on the dancefloor in an orange overall, with a bucket and sponge

Good grief, Micro, it’ll take you hours to wash that one, it’s huge!

Micro stands next to a car parked on stage, and is barely as tall as the wheel.

Nano says, will you wash mine instead?

Nano drives on in a tiny toy car.

Oh yes, says Micro, that’s easy. I can just dunk it in the bucket!

Micro has put the whole car in his bucket.

Well, it’s time for the last track of the night. Very appropriately, it’s Heatwave, with Boogie Nights!


Bernard and Fury are on stage wearing red and gold collars

Isn’t Vincent meant to be in this slot? says Fury.

Fury turns to talk to Bernard

Oh Vincent! That’s the wrong sort of knight!

They both look offstageVincent arrives dressed as a knight in armour, with a helmet and sword.

Never mind, we’re just going to boogie the night away! Nano has brought his stereo over to play the funky tunes.

Nano sits on his ghetto blaster on the edge of the dance floor

Anyway, he says to Micro, it’s safer for me dancing up here! It’s like having my own podium.

Micro looks up at Nano dancing on the stereo.

Well, what a great night! We’ll be dancing into the small hours. We’ll see you tomorrow afternoon for the Sunday set!

All the vaarks are on the dancefloor dancing under the glitterball.