The vaark theatre is set up with an audience of vaarks and other small soft toys.

Ladies and Gentleman, please take your seat,

We’ve a story for you, a real Eastern treat!

The vaark theatre is set up with an audience of vaarks and other small soft toys.

I’m Abanazer, and I’ve got a plan.

I’ll rule the world, and be rich as I can!

Winston, as Abanazer, in red and black costume with a red turban appears in front of the curtains

I know what I need, a lamp made of gold,

It’s home to a genie or so I’ve been told.

A close up of abanazer


See this magic ring, it houses a slave,

Now tell me how I can get what I crave!

The cloud clears to reveal ofelia in a harem costume as the spirit of the ring


To capture the lamp, I’ll say what you need

A boy to assist you, pure in thought and deed.

the spirit looks at the ring

He lives with his mother in old town Pekin’

You’ll find him alright – his name’s Aladdin!

the spirit speaks to abanazer

Here’s old Widow Twankey, a laundry she runs

And this, Wishee Washee, one of her sons.

They’re busy at work, in this old Peking street

Trying to dry this massive great sheet!

the widow an wishee hang a sheet on a line

Oh! Here is a chap, he really can’t stop,

Trying to hide from the Imperial cop!

The widow and wishee look at Dim, who is aladdin

No sorry, officer, we haven’t a clue,

Perhaps he went that way, off you go too!

the widow and wishee talk to arnold in his security outfit as aladdin hides under a sheet

See, this is Aladdin, Twankey’s other son.

Now tell us Aladdin, what have you done!

the widow talks to aladdin

I went to the palace, and over the wall

to walk in the garden, I swear that was all.

Aladdin is walking in the palace garden

But while I was in there, I saw the Princess,

Jasmine her name is, now my heart’s in a mess!

aladdin meets matilda as princess jasmine

Oh mother, her beauty! she’s the love of my life

I fully intend to make her my wife!

aladdin tells his story


But now, a commotion, who’s this they all say

A royal procession, making it’s way.


The Emperor proud, how rich he must be

The Princess as well, and her handmaid, So-Shi.

Aladdin, the widow and wishee watch as bernard as the emperor, matilda as jasmine and fury as so-shi parade in

While the Emperor talks to the mother and son,

Aladdin and Jasmine snatch a moment alone.

And what is that look in the eye of So-Shi?

Perhaps she is keen on Wishee Washee!

so-shi looks at wishee

Back in the laundry, it’s all suds and steam

The widow and son make a very good team.

the widow and wishee are working in the laundry

Here is Aladdin and who is this guy?

A long lost “relation”, with a glint in his eye.

aladdin comes in with abanazer

Oh now Widow Twankey, listen you should

I beg for a favour, to do us both good.

abanazer talks to the widow

I’ve heard of a fortune, I need to set free

But I need some assistance, from Aladdin you see.

widow and aladdin listen to abanazer

If you lend your boy to me, I’ll show him where,

and when we get back, the fortune we’ll share!

wishee comes to listen to the conversation

(I won’t share of course, it’s all a big trick

But she’ll never guess, I’m sure she’s quite thick)

abanaer whispers aside to the audience

Well, this is a turn up, on this plan I’m sold.

Off you go my son, and do what you’re told!

the widow tells alddin to go with abanazer

Now here is the cave, with a rock at the gate,

Abanazer and Aladdin, they can’t be too late.

abanazer and aladdin are outside a cave with a rock across the entrance

Stand back young Aladdin, and listen to me

I’ll open the cave – Open Sesame!

the rock rolls away to reveal the cave

Now, you must go in, and find me my prize –

A magical lamp, now go use your eyes.

abanazer tells aladdin to go in

But it’s dark in the cave, how can I see?

Here take this ring, your torch it will be!

Abanazer gives aladdin the ring

Inside the cave, Aladdin is frit,

Go on! Keeping on looking, don’t be a twit.

aladdin goes into the cave while abanazer tells him what to do from a distance

But I can’t see a thing, says Aladdin, it’s dim

Abanazer steps closer to argue with him.

abanazer steps closer to the cave

But villains like him may not enter in,

the rock at the gate slams shut with a din!

the stone slams shut again shutting abanazer out

Poor old Aladdin, he’s stuck, what a bind!

He fumbles around, what will he find?

Aladdin is alone in the cave with piles of gold

An old dusty lamp, can barely be seen

What harm can it do, I’ll give it a clean.

aladdin spots a dirty old lamp

One rub and then Whoosh! what’s that he hears?

A swish and a flash and a Genie appears!

ernest as the genie comes out of the lamp backwards, his long snozzle trailing behind

Thank you my master, for setting me free!

And now I will grant, your wishes three!

the genie talks to aladdin

Good gracious, my goodness, I’m taken aback!

Bring me riches, my family, and lastly, a snack!

the genie counjours up some biscuits

And so, as they exit the cave full of joy,

Aladdin tells Mother, he’s now no mere boy.

aladdin talks to the widow over the bag of coinsaladdin talks to the widow over aladdin talks to the widow over the bag of coinsthe bag of coins


With riches aplenty, he’s bursting with pride

And now he can make the Princess his bride!

aladdin has gathered the money into a bag


Back at the palace, poor Jasmine is moping

Aladdin is missing and she is not coping.

jasmine and so-shi are alone in the garde, jasmine looks sad

Come on now Jasmine, please don’t be sad,

Look at these suitors and pick one, says Dad.

the emperor shows jasmine a pair of portraits to choose from

But hark! What’s that noise, who can it be?

Aladdin, his brother and Widow Twankey!

aladdin the widow and wishee appear in the garden

And now that he’s wealthy, Dad can’t object,

he shows off the treasure for all to inspect.

aladdin shows the emperor his money

All eager to celebrate they start to go,

Wishee says, yes, I’ll be there in a mo.

as the party leave, wishee lags behind

But oh! Here’s the villain, in pedlar’s disguise

He must have a plan, a glint in his eyes.

Abanazer appears in disguise wearing winston’s pork pie hat, leather jacket and suitcase

“Oh dear little chap, may I make so bold?

I’ve got an offer – new lamps for old!”

abanazer offers a lantern to wishee to swap for the magic lamp

It seems a good deal, but it’s really a con

now Aladdin’s hold on the genie is gone!

wishee takes the lantern as abanzer takes the lamp

As the others return, Abanazer jumps out

he summons the genie, now he has the clout.

the others return to find abanazer rubbing the lamp

Take heed magic genie, hear what I say!

Send all but dear Jasmine and me, far away!

And Poof! They are gone, to a desert so bare.

How will they ever get home from there!

the widow, wishee, so-shi and aladdin have been transported to the pyramids in egypt

But Aladdin remembers, one thing still remains

The magical ring and the slave it contains.

aladdin places the ring on the floor

Oh thank you kind master, she says with a hug

Now let’s all fly home on this magical rug!

They jump on the carpet and take to the air

o’er mountains and forests, they’ll soon get there!

the party fly through the sky on the carper

Back in town, Abanazer‘s plan is seen

He’ll marry Jasmine, though she is not keen!

abanazer is trying to persuade jasmine to marry him but she turns her backward

He orders the genie to make her obey,

but her feelings are strong and she will not give way.

genie tries to make her obey, but she ignores him

So he orders the genie – hypnotise her Dad!

So he’ll give her away, oh dear this looks bad!

the genie hynotises the emperor with a gold medallion

The day of the wedding and all are upset,

even the policeman tries to object.

arnold as the police man tries to stop the wedding

But wait, just in time! The carpet arrives!

Now Aladdin and villain, fight for their lives!

But who grabs the lamp, but clever Washee

He lets out the genie, to set Emperor free!

wishee rubs the lamp

Back to his senses, the wedding is stopped,

And then Aladdin for Abanazer is swapped.

aladdin and jasmine stand together to be married

If I may, says a voice, it’s Wishee Washee

I’ll join in the wedding, with my love, So-Shi!

wishee and so-shi come forward to join in

The Genie is granted his freedom for life

And he says he’ll take the Ring Slave for his wife!

the genie and the spirit of the ring embrace

So what will become of wicked A-Zee?

He’s made to be nice, and marry Twankey!

abanazer looks despondent as the widow steps forward to claim him

So so ever after, happiness wins

And here ends the tale of dear Aladdin!

all the cast gather behind aladdin and jasmine