Saturday Night

the spot moves more

Good evening everyone! We’re back in front of the stage for the evening set. It can get a bit chilly, so some of us are wrapped up in our sleeping bags.

We’ve got a theme for this evening – SPACE! And to set us off – Europe, with The Final Countdown!

On the night stage vaarks are dressed as the group Europe, with a countdown display to one side

Winston is taking care of the countdown. I’m sure he’ll do a fine job.

Bernard isn’t sure Winston is quite on top of this countdown business…

six, but the number is the wrong way round

Either Winston’s jumped a bit or he’s having the same trouble he has with S

the next number looks like two but should be five

Yeah, it’s the old problem alright.

three is back to front

Never mind Winston, you got there in the end! Well done!

a shot of the whole stage with display at zero

Next up, it’s Sarah Brightman, treating us to her Starship Trooper!

Matilda is on stage in a permed wig and sparkly catsuit

That sparkly catsuit really is quite snug, isn’t it!

matilda dances in a tight sparkly catsuit

Here’s a change of pace. The great Bowie, with Space Odyssey.

vincent as bowie with spiky hair is in the spotlight playing acoustic guitar

This is Ground Control to Major Tom, Take your protein pills and put your helmet on!

Ah, Major Tom, maybe you shouldn’t try and get into the capsule head first?

Ratvaark has a tin can stuck on his head

And here, am I floating in my tin can…. Can you hear me Major Tom?

Ratvaark is in the tin can looking out, floating above the stage

And as Major Tom floats away, here’s another return act, maestro Elton John, with Rocket Man!

Dim as elton john sits at the grand piano


Goodness, he’s even brought real rockets!

Take a bow Elton, that was lovely!

Elton john takes a bow

Suddenly, the stage goes dark. Except for…

The stage is dark, bar a single red spot of light

What’s that light shooting across the sky?!

An alien tripod has landed. And it’s glowing! And the music, it’s from War of the Worlds!!!


Oh, oh! The tripod is bending down, like something is going to come out of it!

What IS it!

a strange shape is sillouetted on stage

An alien! The crowd is astonished and a little bit scared!

But Ofelia knows about travelling a long way from home, and she knows what to do. She asks the Creature if would like something to eat?

Ofelia approaches the stage and talks to the alien

No one would have believed in the first years of the twenty first century that this world was being watched keenly and closely by intelligences who just wanted a big bowl of paella.

Ofelia presents the alien with the pan of paella

Well, that was an amazing session. As the music ends, it’s time for us to retire to our beds. Matilda is entranced by the fairy lights over the glamping pods.

Matilda and Dim admire the fairy lights above the glamping pods

Night night Nano! Says Microvaark. Nano says he’ll sleep very well after such an exciting day, and quite a lot of icecream!

micro looks out of the window in the milk bottle

Ofelia is happy to have helped the alien, but she’ll have to be up early to start another batch of Paella!

Ofelia, wearing her crochet clock, goes to sleep in her catering pot.

Camping is such fun, snuggled up in sleeping bags and bivvy bags. Night night all! We’ll see you for the Sunday session.

the vaarks are in their tents, illuminated by fairy lights