Music through the decades!

A wide view of the whole stage and speakers with the vaarks crowded in front.

Well, it’s time for the start of Vaarklife ‘21! We’re all gathered in front of the stage, very excited. What will the first act be? Is it the traditional….?

A wide view of the whole stage and speakers with the vaarks crowded in front.

Yes! It’s Status Quo! They always open for us, with Rockin’ All over the World!

Hypno Dim Ernest Arnold and Ratvaark are dressed in denim, and playing instruments as Status Quo.

Nano loves Quo, and he’s found a way to get a great view thanks to Henry!

Nano is watching, sitting on Henry’s head to see over the crowd

Our Saturday afternoon set this year celebrates rock and pop through the decades! So our next act, representing the ‘50s is Buddy Holly and the Crickets. From the days when pop stars wore dinner jackets!

Dim is dressed as Buddy Holly with glasses and guitar, Ernest plays drums and Micro has a double bass. All wear dinner jackets and bow ties.

Hang on, says Buddy, we’re missing a Cricket. Shouldn’t Bernard be up here with us?

Dim turns to talk to Micro

Oh Bernard! Not that sort of Cricket!

The band turn to look at Bernard, who is wearing a cricket pad and helmet and carrying a bat

A close up of Bernard in his cricketing gear

Right, now that little misunderstanding is sorted out, please enjoy Buddy Holly and the Crickets, with “That’ll be the Day”.


Next, we’re onto the 60’s, and we’ve chosen Sonny and Cher to represent the decade.



The vaarks look at the stage, where Ofelia as Cher and Vincent as Sonny are posed.

Well, they may say your hair’s too long, but we don’t care, with you we can’t go wrong! Aren’t they a sweet pair.

A close up of Sonny and Cher on stage, with black hair wigs

Sonny and Cher look into each other’s eyes.

Now it’s the 70’s, and a song that topped the charts for weeks and weeks! It’s Wings, with Mull of Kintyre! Looks like they’re leaving room on stage for something…

Dim, Winston and Matilda are on stage to one side, as the band Wings

Ah, yes, it’s the Pipes and Drums! Well, it’s me and Nano, we’re the only ones with kilts…

Ratvaark and Nano have come on stage in kilts and fur busby hats. Ratvaark has bagpipes and Nano has a tiny bass drum.

For a very small drum, Nano makes a lot of noise!

A close up of Nano with his tiny bass drum and drumstick.


We’ve even got the fire with flickering embers! Arnold is a bit concerned, but it’s ok, it’s just a prop, not real!

Everyone on stage is gathered round a campfire.

Arnold approaches the stage worried about the fire

Matilda tips the fire over to show that it’s not real


So, now, we’re onto the 80’s. It’s Boy George from Culture Club, with Karma Chameleon! What an outfit!



Hypno is on stage dressed as Boy George with stripy shirt, beads, a hat and plaited hair.

Now, where is that river boat?

Another view of Hypno on stage

Ah! Well, a Salamander isn’t a Chameleon, but never mind…

As Hypno looks on, the prow of a boat comes into view, with the name Salamander on the prow.

Well, it’s a long enough boat, that’s for sure!

We see more of the boat

The boat, revealed as a narrowboat, fills the stage


Hop on! Says Vincent. So he does, and off they go!

We see Vincent at the helm of the boat

Hypno has jumped on board


We’re into the 90’s now, and one of the big acts of the decade. It’s Blur, laying Song 2!



Dim, Ernest and Vincent are dressed as Blur, singing on a carpet background like the one in the music video

Ah, Fury is on hand for the wind machine effects.

Fury is off to one side of the stage with a big electric fan

Maybe turn it down a bit Fury!

Ernest’s snozzle flies behind him in the wind, Dim has fallen over and Vincent is struggling to stand upright

Fury comes to apologise, but what has Vincent spotted?

Fury is on stage with the band

Vincent is looking off stage over Fury’s shoulder


Oh! Oh dear, it’s Blur’s greatest rivals – Oasis! They thought they’d been booked for this slot! Awkward!

Vincent looks at Winston and Hypno, dressed as Oasis

Well, we better let them play!



Oasis play, and sing into microphones on stage

Maybe they can all be friends after all? “Yeah, sweet, man,” say Liam and Noel. “Let’s share a drink”

Blur and Oasis are on stage together with a bottle of Oasis soft drink.

It’s a new century! From the 2000’s we’ve chosen the Scissor Sisters, with “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’”



Ratvaark is on stage as the lead singer in low cut tight shirt and medallion

Hang on, where’s the rest of the band? Oh, ha ha, everyone, very funny!

Esther, Ernest and Micro are on stage, each with a pair of scisscors in diminishing sizes.

Right, we’re pretty much up to date, just the 2010s to go. We’ve picked Pharrell Williams, singing Happy. Because we are!


Ernest is on stage as Pharrell Williams

Doesn’t he look smart! We’re right back to smart suits and bow ties!

Ernest wears a white suit with black bow tie and a fedora hat

Well, we’re going to clap along for the rest of the afternoon. Nano and Micro have even made it on stage for a bit of a dance! We’ll see you back here later for the evening set. Fury says she’s got work to do, setting up something special!

All the vaarks are dancing in front of the stage

Micro and Nano dance on stage with Ernest.