Saturday Evening: Hooray for Hollywood!

On the stage, are the iconic letters of the Hollywood sign

Welcome back to our stage for our Saturday evening set! As you can see from our drone shot, the lights are lit, the glamping area is illuminated, and we’ve lanterns in our tents to help find them later!

A view from above shows the festival site at night with lights lit on stage and in the tents.

And this year, we have a great theme for the evening – Hollywood! We’re going to have a selection of songs from the movies!

On the stage, are the iconic letters of the Hollywood sign

To open the set – here’s Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, singing Somewhere, Over the Rainbow. Isn’t it a lovely melody!

Ofelia is dressed as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, carrying a basket

And what a gorgeous rainbow!

A rainbow appears on the stage behind Dorothy

Hello, what’s this? Ah, it’s Curly from “Oklahoma!” riding onstage, singing “Oh, what a Beautiful Mornin’ ”

Bernard arrives on stage on a horse in Western gearBernard stands on stage

My goodness that corn really is high, isn’t it? But is it as high as an elephant’s eye?

Bernard stands beside a stack of tins of sweet cornFury comes on stage with a tape measure to measure the stack of cans

Oh, yes, it certainly is!

Bernard and Fury compare the stack of cans to a model elephant

Next, we have a song from The Sound of Music – Favourite Things! Let’s see if we can get all the favourite things on stage!

Esther comes on stage

Ah, raindrops on roses…

Vincent brings on a red rose with a raindrop on it

Um, no, Winston, it’s Whiskers ON kittens, not Whiskas for Kittens, but nice try!

Winston brings a sachet of Whiskas kitten food

Bright Copper kettles!

Ernest has a shiny kettle

Hypno says this mitten is indeed very warm!

Hypno comes on wearing a mitten over his head

Ah, brown paper packages! Always intriguing.

Arnold brings a pair of brown paper wrapped packages

Nice cream coloured pony, Micro!

Micro rides in on a cream coloured knitted unicorn

Well done Gino, all sorts of bells!

Gino has a sleigh and bells

I’m not sure that’s a goose Dim, but it certainly has the moon on it’s wings.

Dim has brought a knitted canary with a silver moon stuck to its wing

Lovely white dress, Matilda, such a pretty blue sash!

Matilda wears a white dress with a blue satin sash

There are a couple of things missing – the apple strudel and the schnitzel with noodles. What’s that Nano? Ah, you were bringing them, but you got a bit peckish. Well never mind!

Nano brings a couple of empty plates

Next up – well, it’s Julie Andrews again, but in her role as Mary Poppins! Dancing with Bert as they sing about a magical word – “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”!

Esther is dressed as Mary Poppins in a white frock and Hypno is Bert in a striped blazer

Nano says it’s the biggest word he’s ever heard – much bigger than him. In fact, it’s probably longer than Ernest’s snozzle!

Nano gets of stage to talk to themErnest’s long snozzle is stretched along the stage

A bit of the Wild West now, as Calamity Jane rides into town on the Deadwood Stage!

Fury drives on stage in a wagon, pulled by the vaark pantomime cow

Apparently the pony ran off, but the Panto Cow did a jolly good job of pulling the stage. Whip-crack-away!

Fury shows off her long whip

A little romance from the Orient now, from The King and I. Shall We Dance?

Peggy and Gino are on stage as Anna and the King of Siam

Anna’s dress is so graceful and the King looks so regal!

Peggy’s dress has a huge skirtGino wears a red tunic and has a bald cap in place of his usual hat

Look at them polka!

Peggy and Gino dance

Now, a couple of numbers from the golden age of Astaire and Rogers! First of all, Fred Astaire, in his Top Hat and Tails!

Dim is onstage in top hat and tails

There’s that stylish tilt of the head – showing off that hat!

Dim tilts his head to one side slightly

But of course, everything Fred did, Ginger Rogers did too – only backwards, in heels! So here’s the lovely Cheek to Cheek.

Matilda joins Dim on stage, wearing a dress trimmed with ostrich feathers

That’s real ostrich feathers on her frock, you know!

Dim and Matilda dance together

And for our final number of the night, maybe one of the most famous songs from a movie musical – Singing in the Rain!

Ernest is on stage with an umbrella, there is a street lamp and a pattern of raindrops on the floor.

Splish, splash, splosh! What fun to watch!

Ernest twirls the umbrella

Ernest dances around the umbrella

Ernest swings from the lamppost

Hello, hello, hello, what’s going on here then! Yes, maybe best to call it a night!

Ernest dances into Arnold, wearing his security jacket

Ernest dances away as Arnold watches

Well, that was a wonderful evening. But it’s late now, time for bed! Off we go to our glamping pods and tents, chattering about everything we’ve seen.

Fury beds down on her tools, but Arnold thinks he’ll just do one more turn around the site, for security before he settles down. Good night everyone, see you tomorrow!

Fury sleeps on her tool box

Arnold unrolls his bivvy bag, but walks away for one last round.