Advaark Day 23

Well, it’s time to go out and harvest the sprouts for Christmas dinner! Arnold and Hypno have taken the trolley to carry them in.

Hypno and Arnold have brought the little supermarket trolley and ate looking at a stalk of sprouts growing like a tree.

The lowest ones are easy – Hypno cuts them off with an axe, and Arnold stacks them in the trolley.

It’s a bit harder as they get further up, but Arnold has has brought the tree saw, so it’s alright.

Arnold reaches up with the long saw to saw a sprout off

But now what are they going to do? The little ones are the best, but they are well out of reach!

Arnold and Hypno look up and all the remaining sprouts are out of reach

So they give Fury a call, and she says she’ll come right over. She says she knows what to do, she’s seen it in films.

Arnold and Hypno talk to Fury, who has brought a hatchet and a coil of rope

Blimey, she was up that like a monkey up a palm tree! Her hatchet is making short work of the job!

Fury has climbed the tree and is hanging in a loop of rope as Arnold and Hypno look on.

Fury chops a sprout off with her hatchet

“You might want hard hats on!” she shouts down to Hypno and Arnold. I think she’s right!

Arnold and Hypno wear helmets as Fury throws the sprouts down

Advaark Day 22

It’s party time! We’ve got a nice big buffet to enjoy and we’re going to have a few games!

The vaarks gather in their room, which is laid out with a buffet on a table. The vaarks gather in their room, which is laid out with a buffet on a table.

Gino is manning the gramophone, and making sure he doesn’t look, because we’re playing musical chairs! Round and round we go, and there’s one less chair than there are players…

And then the music stops and we all try to sit down! Bad luck this time Fury, you’re out!

When they sit down, Fury is left without a chair,

It’s down to the last two! Round and round they go, until… Micro is the winner! Well done!

Now it’s time for Blind Man’s Buff. Peggy is starting, so she’s got the blindfold on. Who will she catch…?

Peggy wears a blindfold as the vaarks hang around her

Oh, she got me! My turn next. I think we’re going to be playing for a long time! I hope you’ve enjoyed any parties you’ve been to!

Peggy grabs ratvaark

Advaark Day 20

Bernard and Ofelia are very pleased, they’ve found mince pies that Mr Human can eat. The are gluten and dairy free! Let’s see what they are like inside.

What! It seems that they are not only gluten and dairy free but mincemeat free too! What’s happened!

When a bit of the lid is removed the pie is found to be empty

Hang on, says Bernard there’s a hole in the back of this one…

Bernard looks round the back of the pie where there is a hole cut in the pastry

Nano! Well, says Nano, I like the mincemeat best of all!

Nano stands by the hole in the back with a spoon loaded with mincement



Advaark Day 13

Well, today’s the day we’re having our Christmas Market! So many stalls to look round!

The vaark christmas market is set up, with little cabins for stalls, and all the vaarks wearing scarves or sweaters are mingling

There’s Winston’s Emporium, where you can buy all sorts of gifts. Ernest is always keen to see what new stock Winston has, although, no, he doesn’t need a clock thankyou.

Ofelia is running the food stall this year, with all sorts of treats! Micro and Nano can hardly choose! They do like the look of the Smarties, so colourful. I say you can’t beat a nice big chocolate coin.

Ratvaark buys a large chocolate coin from ofelia

Peggy is all set up to serve Gluhwein and other nice hot drinks. You need a hot drink to keep you warm at a market like this.

Esther talks to Peggy who is running a stall selling mulled wine with barstools set up at a counter

Ah Hypno, you’ve got loads of decorations this year, are those the stockings Peggy made? Very good! And here’s Ernest to stock up on wrapping paper and a wreath.

We’ve got live music this year – well, it’s Dim, busking. I think he’s doing quite well. The accordion adds a lovely continental touch!

Dim is playing an accordion with a hat at his feet with coins in it.

I see the Hot Drink stall is busy! It’s a good opportunity to have a sit down and a rest. Shopping can be very tiring!

Ernest and Nano are at the Gluhwein stall, Nano is sitting on one of the bar stools

Ah, I think Dim has finished playing now, I wonder what he’s going to spend his hatful of coins on? Oh, I see. I think that’s Matilda’s present.

Ernest thinks he’s got everything now, but he’s wondering if Ofelia has any special treats he might want. She says she has just the thing for him. Oh! Oh yes, if anyone can eat a Curly Wurly it’s Ernest!

And now, it’s getting dusk, so it’s time for Arnold to do the big Switch-On. There, aren’t the lights pretty! We’re going to enjoy shopping well into the evening!

The vaarks mingle in a dusk scene with the lights on

Advaark Day 12

Today we present our classic Nativity scene. Here the angel Gabriel comes to see the baby Jesus, as Mary and Joseph look on.

Ofelia and Vincent are dressed as Mary and Joseph, Micro is wrapped in white in the crib and Matilda is an angel in white with gold wings and halo

Oh, here are the shepherds, with their flock! Hello Nano, are you a very small shepherd? What’s that? Oh, I see. You’re a flea on a sheep.

And finally, the Three Kings arrive with gifts for the baby. But how did they find the right place? Oh, they followed the glittery star!

Advaark Day 11

Dim and Matilda are going to make a Christmas wreath today. They’ve gathered some greenery, some garden wire and some little fake berries.

Dim and Matilda look at a pile of greenery, wire and berries.

First of all, they twist the ivy into a ring, and while Matilda holds it, Dim winds some wire around to hold it in place. Then Dim holds it, while Matilda weaves in some pieces of conifer.

Now for the holly, which is a bit prickly, so Dim uses some pliers to hold it. And then for a finishing touch, the gold and red berries.

It’s quite good, says Matilda, but I think there’s something missing, don’t you Dim? Dim agrees, it needs… There! That’s livened it up a bit!

Matilda has added some mini party ring biscuits to the wreath.

Advaark Day 10

Ofelia is keeping a careful eye on the oven. She’s baking some ginger biscuits, to decorate.

Ofelia stands in front of the oven looking through the door at some biscuits baking inside

Now, they are all baked. Time for some of us to have a go at icing them We’ve got red and white icing, to match my sweater!

Ratvaark, Ofelia and Vincent sit on a chopping board with three plain biscuits and two tubes of icing, one red, one white

We’ve only got two tubes of icing. Vincent said he was happy to wait, but then he got a bit bored, so he said he was going to see if he could find some more.

Well there we are, all very pretty. Ofelia says Vincent’s is very delicate, but… well, it smells a bit odd. Where did you get your icing Vincent?

Oh, he says, well, some was in the kitchen and some in the bathroom!

Vincent shows two tubes – one is tomato puree, the other is toothpaste

Advaark Day 9

I’m somewhere sparkly, where am I? Well, the humans needed to go to the Trafford Centre for something, so I went along to do some of the clan’s shopping. It’s a huge place, and the decorations are very festive.

Well, after going round all the shops, I’m home, laden down! I took my rucksack and a shopping bag and a trolley and I still had to have a few paper bags from some of the shops.

Ratvaark is back in the room, carrying a rucksack, a shopiing bag, with a shopping trolley and a few paper carrier bags, talking to Ernest Ofelia and Vincent

Ernest and Vincent wanted to know all about my trip, but I said I was too exhausted to tell them anything right now!

Ofelia disappears out of scene, while Ratvaark looks tired

Ah…. Ernest is giving me a neck rug to revive my aching back, all those bags were heavy! And Ofelia has brought me a reviving snack and hot chocolate. She always knows what’s best.

Oi, Vincent! You keep your snozzle out of those bags. They’re secret!

Ratvaark stops Vincent from looking into all the bags