Time to close.

Well, now that the Olympics are over, the last thing to do is extinguish our Olympic flame.

the vaarks are gathered in front of the plinth with the olympic cauldron on top

Arnold, will you do the honours please?

Ratvaark talks to Arnold who has his fire extinguisher

Ah. Remember we couldn’t reach to light it? Well, Arnold has the same problem. But he thinks he’s got a solution.

Arnold looks up at the flaming cauldron, which is out of reach

Arnold talks to ratvaark and fury

Oh, a fire hose and hydrant! Yes, well, that should do it. Just unroll it carefully….

Arnold has a red American fire hydrant, and a long reel of hose with brass fittings on each endArnold starts to unroll the hose

Um, are you alright there Arnold? Need any help?

Arnold is all tangled up in the hose

There, that’s sorted. Now aim at the cauldron, and… oh! It’s just gone out before Arnold turned the hose on!

Arnold points the hose at the cauldron

the flame has gone out of it’s own accord

Oh, it’s Fury! What’s that? Oh, I see. You just turned the gas off at the valve. Very clever!

Fury emerges from behind the plinth with a spanner

And so, we… Nano? What ARE you doing?

Ratvaark looks at Nano who is sticking his nose into the end of the hose

Oh very good! You’re pretending to be Ernest! Ha ha! Very funny!

Nano is wearing the tangled up hose to look like Ernest’s long snozzle. Ernest looks on, waving his snozzle

Anyway, as I was saying. Now we bring our Olympics to a close. We hope you enjoyed it and maybe you will have a go at a bit of sport yourselves!

The vaarks are gathered in front of the extinguished cauldron

Well, I better dismantle the plinth. I’ll take these back to where I found them!

Ratvaark stands in front of the plinth

with the covering removed, it is revealed as two toilet rolls stack one on top of the other

Jumping the hurdles….

Time for our final sporting event – the hurdles! We’ve got four athletes lined up, and Ofelia is acting as starter. On your marks…

Fury, Nano, Ernest and Winston are lined up on a track, with a hurdle in each lane. Nano’s hurdle is tiny compared with the others. Ofelia has a white flag

Get set…

the four vaarks are crouched forwards ready to go


Ofelia has dropped the flag and the vaarks set off running

Oh dear! Ernest’s tripped over his own snozzle!

Ernest lies on the track with his snozzle under him

They’re approaching the hurdle…

the vaarks are nearly at the hurdle

Whoops! Winston’s tripped on his hurdle!

Winston has run into his hurdle which has fallen over

Fury is over safely! Nano is racing along behind… Now he’s over safely too.

fury has cleared her hurdle, Nano is coming up to his

Nano has cleared his hurdle

Close to the line, it looks like Fury might win! Hang on! How did Nano move so fast!?

fury and nano approach the finish

Nano has shot forward over the line first

Oh Ernest! You’re not supposed to help him!

Nano is revealed to be sitting on the end of Ernest’s snozzle, stretched out to get him over the line

Well, that’s tricky. There’ll have to be a steward’s enquiry. But after a bit of a chat, everyone agrees Fury won, but Ernest was just being kind. Ofelia suggests that they all settle down to a snack or two.

All the runners and ofelia discuss the result

Ofelia produces a couple of plates of doughnuts to share

How far can you throw?

Some throwing sports today. First of all the javelin. Arnold is going to do the measuring, so he’s wearing his helmet, just in case.

Ernest, Hypno and Esther have lined up with javelins. Arnold has a tape measure

Esther throws first, then Hypno. And then it’s Ernest’s turn, he’s got a very good technique!

Esther throws her javelin


Hypno throws his javelinErnest throws, using his long snozzle

Right Ernest, you hold the end of the tape…

Ernest holds the tape on the ground while Arnold unrolls it

The red javelin is the winner! Well done Ernest!

Arnold checks the distance the javelins have flown, and the one with a red handle has won

Next, hammer throwing. *sigh* No Fury, not that hammer!

Fury talks to ofelia, she has her big hammer with her

Ofelia shows her the proper hammer. Now. Stand back!

ofelia has a throwing hammer looped over her snozzle

Now, see how she spins round with the hammer!

ofelia faces left

ofelia faces to the back

ofelia faces right

And throw!

Ofelia is stretched out, and the hammer is thrownGood throw! But all that spinning has made her dizzy!

Ofelia lies across the throwing circle, flopped on the grassNext it’s… Oh Bernard. What’s that, you’re hear for the debate? No. It was going to be discus. Not Discuss! Never mind, we’ve had plenty of fun.

Bernard has arrived with a clip board and briefcase


Up and over!

So we’re doing jumping sports today! First of all, Winston is having a go at the high jump.

winston stands looking at a high jump pole set up, with a crash mat

He’s running up….

winston is nearly at the jump

And HUP! What an excellent Fosbury Flop! Well done Winston!

Winston does a fosbury flop over the barWinston has landed on the crash mat

Oh, hello, Micro is going to have a go! Winston’s really not sure how he’s going to do it…

Micro stands looking at the jump

Micro starts to run up

Oh Micro! I think that’s cheating!

micro climbs a small step ladder to reach the bar

Well, says Micro, I am at a bit of a disadvantage!

Micro looks down on Winston from the top of the bar

Hello Ernest, what’s that pole for? Ah, of course, the pole vault!

ernest has a long pole

ernest looks at at high pole vault jump

Here he goes, running up and planting the pole….

ernest starts towards the jump

ernest plants the pole in the pit just ahead of the crash mat

And up he goes! Goodness that’s high!

Ernest is at the top of the curve, about to pass over the bar

And he’s over safely! Well done Ernest!

ernest lands on the crashmat

ernest takes a bow

A soggy slalom!

You join us today at the white water course, where Nano is going to do some canoe slalom! He’s all sorted with a canoe, paddle and lifejacket.

Arnold and Ratvaark and Nano stand beside a course of rough water with slalom poles hanging over it

Nano has a tiny canoe and paddle and wears an orange lifejacket

Off he goes! He has to paddle between the poles, and the water is quite rough!

Nano is paddling the canoe between the poles

Ooh, he’s had to turn quite hard to get through the next gate.

Nano is turned almost sideways in the water

Oh, it’s getting very rough down by this last gate….!

the canoe is pitched forward in the water

He’s capsized! Oh no!

the canoe is upside down, and Arnold’s ears fly up in shock

Arnold, I can’t see Nano! Where’s Nano!

Ratvaark and Arnold look into the water where the canoe is drifting away

PHEW! He’s there look, he’s bobbed up to the surface, thank goodness for his lifejacket!

Nano is floating in the water

There, Arnold has thrown the life ring in and pulled Nano out and he’s fine!

Arnold throws a lifebelt into the water

Nano is pulled out onto the bank

Right then, Arnold is off the bottom of the course to fish the canoe out!

Arnold sets off carrying a large fishing net


You join us back at the pool today, for the high diving. Vincent is going first, up he goes!

vincent looks up at a high diving board over a pool

Vincent is up at the top of the ladder

Hmm, I don’t think Vincent looks all that confident about being up there…

vincent is halfway along the board, lying downVincent peers over the edge of the board, still lying down

It is VERY high!

we see vincent lying on the board from above, looking down at the pool

Ah, he’s thought better of it!

vincent has headed back to the ladder without diving


I wonder if Microvaark will do better? Well, he seems more confident.

Microvaark has climbed up to the board watched by vincentmicro is half way along the boardMicro is at the end of the board

Goodness, he is confident, he’s going to go off backwards!

Micro is right at the end of the board, facing backwards

We see micro on the end of the board, from below

And off he goes, with a great spring upwards!

Micro has jumped up and is above the board

Goodness me, a somersault! Look at him twist in the air!

Micro is upside down above the board

micro is right way up below the board

micro is upside down just above the water

And then he stretches out for a lovely clean entry!

Micro’s snozzle is stretched out towards the water

Micro enters the water with a ripple

Well done Micro! So brave and skillful! Vincent is very impressed.

Micro peeks out over the edge of the pool as vincent looks on


Over the jumps!

Over to the equestrian ring today, for the show jumping. Vincent will be going first – first, the bars…

an arena with show jumps set up. Vincent rides a knitted unicorn to the first jump

Safely over the first, it’s time for the hedge and bar…

Vincent rides towards a jump with a hedge and bar

And finally, the water jump, let’s see how he does!

Vincent rides towards a jump with a water pit

Oops! Bit of a stumble on landing and Vincent is unseated. Bad luck! Fortunately, he’s not hurt, just damp!

vincent has fallen off into the water jump

So, let’s see how Micro does – the bars, the hedge, now, the water…

Micro rides a toy unicorn to the first jump

Micro rides to the hedge

Micro approaches the water jump

He’s clear! Well done Micro!

the unicorn has landed safely with Micro still on board

Micro is very pleased, his mount can have a nice juicy apple as a reward! Oh, hello Nano, are you going to have a go?

Micro gives his unicorn a green apple

Micro talks to Nano

Oh no! Says Nano. This horse is as exciting as I want to be!

nano is sitting on a little wooden rocking horse

In the long run…

A long event today – the marathon! Winston has kindly sponsored this event. We’ve got 4 competitors, and Fury is all ready with the starting gun.

Micro, vincent, winston and ofelia line up under a banner that says “Start”, “Sponsored by Winstons Used cars” and “they mostly go 26 miles”

Fury has a big cannon, and is wearing ear defenders

Ready, Steady, BOOM! Oh dear, I think the starting gun surprised everybody a bit too much!

the cannon fires with a cloud of smoke and all the competitors fall over

Ok, let’s go again, with a simple Ready, Steady, Go! And they’re off alright this time.

the competitors line up again

they start running

So, off they go, across the craft room floor, and the bedroom floor, and the kitchen worktop…

they run on a wooden floor

they run on a carpeted floorthey run on a kitchen worktop

Ofelia has had an idea. It’s getting on a bit, perhaps they should stop for a snack? Absolutely!

Ofelia stops to talk to the others

They sit around a cloth with teacups and a sponge cake

On they go out into the garden. Micro wants to be sure they’re going in the right direction, so they stop to check the route.

they run along the edge of a raised bed

they stop to look at a map held by microvaark

At last the end is in sight! It look like Winston might win, but oh! Microvaark has put on a sprint finish!

they approach the finishing line

Microvaark goes out in front

He’s won!

Microvaark breaks the finishing tape

Microvaark wonders if Winston is cross about not winning? No, no, says Winston, I’m just glad it’s over!

Everyone gathers round Winston who is flopped on the floor


It’s Archery today. Um, Dim, I don’t think that’s the right sort of bow? Oh, I see you’re just providing some background music, that’s unusual.

Dim has a violin and bow, standing by an archery targetdim plays the violin

So, Fury favours the traditional longbow. Let’s see how she does.

fury has a long bow and three arrowsfury aims at the target

Oh, that’s pretty good Fury, just the edge of a bullseye there!

Fury has one arrow on the outer ring, and a couple on the edge of the bullseye

Now it’s Vincent’s turn. He has one of the modern fancy bows with counterweights and stuff.

Vincent has a bow with lots of add ons and three arrowsvincent aims at the target

Oh, I say! Three bulls! Well done!

vincent has three arrows in the bulls eye

Now Matilda wants a go, but she says the normal target colours are too bright and give her a headache, so she’s brought her own in pastel colours.

Matilda has changed the target to one in on light colours

Fury wonders what sort of bow Matilda is going to use? Oh. Um, I don’t think Matilda has ever done archery before…

Fury talks to Matilda

Matilda has produced a large shiny parcel bow