Preparing for Fireworks night!

Ofelia has a big pot on the stove and a big bowl of sugar

After the excitement of Halloween, we’re straight into preparations for our Bonfire. Arnold and Ernest are in charge of fireworks, and have been working with Fury to make a centrepiece.

Fury, Arnold and Ernest are at work on a wooden frame

Ernest is cutting the lengths of timber for the frame, Fury nails them together and Arnold sets up the fuse wire.

Esther and Ofelia are doing the catering – today they’re making toffee apples. Ofelia is heating the sugar for the toffee, while Esther puts the apples on sticks.

Winston and Vincent, as usual, went out looking for fire wood. Vincent sensibly went straight to the offcuts bin in the workshop, but I think Mrs Human might have to double check Winston’s finds…

Vincent has the wheelbarrow next to a big bin of wood offcuts

Winston gets a wooden spatula out of the cutlery drawer to add to an egg cup and a pack of toothpicks in his trolley

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