Hot Hot Hot Cross Bun!

Ratvaark and Winston look at a hot cross bun on the worktop

Wayhey! We found a hot cross bun! So we fetched the saw and sliced it open.

We’re not really supposed to use the toaster, because it’s antique and you have to watch it carefully. But it OK, because we will watch it carefully!

See Winston, this toaster lark isn’t that difficult. Oh, did I tell you about the thing I saw on telly the other day, it was really interesting….

*Sniff* Oh! Oh help! HELP! ARNOLD! We need you!

Ratvaark and Winston look on in horror as the bun starts to catch fire

Thank goodness Arnold has a carbon dioxide extinguisher for electrical items!

Arnold arrives, his ears flying up in shock, and aims his CO2 extinguisher at the fire.

Yes, Arnold, you’re right, we shouldn’t have been using the toaster. No, Arnold, we weren’t playing attention. Yes, Arnold, it’s lucky you were around.

Arnold tells Ratvaark and Winston off, as they look dejectedly at a very burnt bun

At least we can scrape off the burnt bits.

Ratvaark uses a table knife to scrape the burnt surface off the bun into the sink

So remember everyone, if you’re toasting something and there’s no automatic shut off, keep an eye on it! And enjoy your hot cross buns safely!

Winston Ratvaark and Arnold tuck into the buttered toasted bun.

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